An effective way to quit smoking

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Many smokers have already realized what kind of harm the body smokes, but only to quit smoking, usually there is not enough one desire.

The body of the smoker is already accustomed to receiving a dose of poison (and nicotine, as everyone knows, it is the poison itself), so the body will begin to demand it again and again, and the person at this time will feel weak, lethargic, broken and sick.

Such a bad condition will last about 5 to 10 days. In order to soften this condition, follow a special diet that was developed specifically for American astronauts.

The first day Start your day with 2 cups of cool water (you need to drink water on an empty stomach), and you should also make a contrast shower. During the reception of the shower it is necessary to alternate hot and cold watering, but do not forget that the latter should be cold watering - it will give you a charge of vigor for the whole day. For breakfast, fruit or fruit juices. You can have breakfast for both. After breakfast, you should do a simple breathing gymnastics, do a deep breath - exhale, breath - exhale and so on.

If during the day you want to smoke, you should repeat everything again, namely: two glasses of cold water and followed by breathing exercises. We have a lunch consisting of vegetable salad, stewed vegetables, dessert cakes with any sweet stuffing and fruit juice. After dinner, take a walk. Dinner is the following: salad, stewed vegetables and green tea. During this day, as soon as possible, meet with the smoke-friends or at least, if possible, reduce communication to a minimum. Also, on this day should not be without a business, sit on the couch, watch TV. It's best to go for a walk. Also, you should not drink alcohol on that day, if you drink at least a little bit, you will want to smoke very much.

The second and third days Morning the next day, start all by the same program: on an empty stomach 2 cups with cool water and breathing exercises. After breakfast, it's better to go for a walk, for example, go on foot to work, if it is far away, at least halfway through yourself. Meals on other days should be the same as on the first day. The desire to smoke a cigarette that will occur during the day is suppressed by means of breathing exercises, water and juices.

Fourth day The desire to smoke is less. Hold on! Continue in the same spirit! Follow the old diet and regimen.

Fifth day Well, here is the fifth day, and you can feel satisfied with your achievements, and now you will begin to feel confident in your abilities. This is the last day of a diet and breathing gymnastics.

And now, after the fifth day, you can already go to your usual regime and diet, but without harmful habits!

An effective way to quit smoking
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