Among suicides there are no egoists

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As a rule, people decide to commit suicide because they feel a burden to family or friends. Also, they often feel a sense of hopelessness and are convinced that pain will never happen. These are the findings of the researchers, writes Pro Bono Australia.

Meanwhile, many consider suicide as an egoistic act. But a survey of 31 people who attempted to commit suicide has shown the opposite. 87% of respondents had at least one mental illness. 15 people attempted to commit suicide 1 time and more, and 11 people did so many times.

Suicide bombed people with symptoms of their illness, insufficient support of doctors, the presence of relatives who killed themselves, alcohol and drug dependence. Several people complained of a strong emotional pain. Some felt thrown into the corner or unnecessary.

At the same time, a false idea was spread that their death would make life easier for others. It is known: people who survived suicide attempt are especially sensitive. And because of this, social pressure is dangerous for them. During this period, the support of professionals is very important.

Among suicides there are no egoists
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