American scientists are working on creating "pills of goodness"

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Scientists from the University of California are working on a pill that can cause a person feelings of sympathy and empathy. It is possible that therapy with the use of such drugs will be assigned to the most unhappy criminals.

Can a person who has committed ruthless crimes become more kind and compassionate with medication? Scientists from the University of California who are working on the new use of drugs from Parkinson's disease called tolkapon are trying to answer this question. This tablet, as it turned out, can artificially stimulate the feeling of kindness and empathy.

Tolkapon affects the neurochemical balance of the prefrontal cortex of the brain responsible for personality, social behavior and decision-making. In the opinion of the creators of the pill, one day with her help will treat mental illness, like schizophrenia, or strong dependence.

"Our study shows how studying basic scientific issues relating to human nature can in fact provide us with important information on the diagnosis and treatment of social dysfunctions," one of the authors of the study says. "We hope that the medical effect on social function has ever been Will be used to treat mental illness."

During the study volunteers, divided into two groups, received either placebo or tolkapon - drugs that increase the duration of exposure to dopamine.

This hormone secreted by the brain is associated with feelings of reward and motivation. Then the volunteers took part in a simple game, during which they had to divide money between themselves and the anonymous people. Participants in the study who received tolkapone shared money with strangers more generously and fairly than those who took placebo.

American scientists are working on creating "pills of goodness"
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