Alzheimer's disease and overweight

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Alzheimer's Disease is a very common disease. It is typical for the elderly, causes a disruption of the brain and leads to memory loss, thinking disorders and memory and other neurological symptoms.

Obesity is also a prevalent problem of the modern world and is a risk factor for the development of many diseases. Scientists have decided to find out whether there is a connection between these two common states.

Weight and Alzheimer's Disease

The study, published in the journal Neurology, revealed a relationship between the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and the body mass index (BMI).

The study of the American Academy of Neurology involved 506 people who were subjected to a thorough examination with the help of modern equipment, they carried out an analysis of the cerebrospinal fluid for the presence of biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease, which appear long before the first symptoms of the disease.

Research results

The study showed that among people without any memory and thinking and weaknesses, in which biomarkers were also detected in Alzheimer's disease, the body mass index (BMI) was lower than others.

For example, in 85% of patients with Alzheimer's disease in whom BMI below 25, beta-amyloid plaques were detected, while in subjects with overweight, only 48% of the plaque was detected. The same indicators were observed in people without symptoms of the disease.

The results of the study show that changes in the brain caused by Alzheimer's disease are associated with metabolic disorders even at the earliest stages of the disease.

Scientists believe that this connection may be due to damage to the hypothalamus - the brain, which plays an important role in regulating energy metabolism and nutrition.

Further research on this issue should clarify whether the weight loss is caused by a systemic response to an unknown disease or a low body mass index is a feature that would show a tendency to develop Alzheimer's disease in the long run.

Alzheimer's disease and overweight
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