Allergy to cold: treatment by folk remedies

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Allergy to cold - a disease that manifests itself in reddening of the skin. On the face and hands there are rashes, cracks or peeling. Itching and burning of damaged skin do not pass even after a person is in the heat.

Preventing cold allergy is easier than treating it. The best folk remedy is Hardening. The main thing - to proceed to him competently and gradually.

Treatment by hardening

Contrast baths for hands and feet help the skin to adapt faster to changes in temperature and significantly reduce the likelihood of an allergy to cold.

First, you should immerse your hands and feet in cold water for about 30 seconds, then put them in the hot spot for the same time. It is necessary to perform the procedure several times, on the last visit, holding his arms and legs longer in a cold bath. It is important to repeat the procedure of hardening of hands and feet within one to two weeks.

The next step is to swallow whole body in the morning and evening. It is recommended to start with a water temperature of 37 degrees. Every day you need to reduce the temperature by one degree. It is necessary to monitor the body's response to the procedure. If the next drop in water temperature causes burning or itching, it is worth returning to the previous temperature regime. Yes, allergy to cold will weaken a little.

Means against dry skin

One of the most common manifestations of cold allergy is redness and peeling of the skin. The faces, hands, lips suffer the most.

The skin of the face will help compresses.

  1. In the evenings on a cleaned face you can put hot compresses from a decoction of cones of hops and hold for 5-7 minutes. The broth is prepared as follows: 3-4 tablespoons Fill the finely chopped cones with cold water, then bring to a boil and stand in a water bath for 20-30 minutes, after which the broth should be drained and cooled.
  2. Another recipe is a contrast compresp with broth of flowers of calendula (2 tablespoons per glass of water). You need to apply them one by one: in hot and cold form. Hot compress is recommended to keep on face for 2 minutes, cold - one. During the procedure they are changed 2-3 times.

On the skin of hands when cold allergies appear Chili - the skin turns red, splits, peels. To get rid of chips, it is necessary to wipe your hands well before going out, and also lubricate the hand washed with warm water with a greasy cream. Several times a day it is possible to lubricate places of especially strong eruptions with an oil solution of vitamin E (just crush the oil capsule) or densely powder them with corn starch.

Lips help with hygienic lipstick. Vitamin E is as good as for hands. Do not forget about the usual butter - it also has a beneficial effect on the lips.

Popular methods of cold allergy treatment

Very well removed external manifestations of allergy to the cold of tinctures and decoctions of healing plants, as well as natural juices from vegetables that are taken internally.

The root of raspberry

A good remedy for cold allergy treatment is the root of raspberry. 50 g of dried crushed roots of raspberries are filled with 0.5 liters of water. Then the broth melts on a water bath at low heat for 30-40 minutes, after which it should be drained and cooled. Drink a decoction before going out into the street in the morning, as well as after dinner and before going to bed at 2 tablespoons. Within 2 months

Sunflower seeds

Assist from allergies to cold and sunflower seeds, along with red beets. In the winter, there is good unsalted seeds, and beets are not only consumed in boiled and raw form, but also to drink the juice of this root. Good and fresh juice of celery root. It should be taken at 0.5 h. Before meals, three times a day.


For the treatment of allergy to cold only white shell is suitable. It needs to be washed and chopped to a powder condition, having previously removed all the pots. Each time after a meal, you should take one serving of powder on the tip of the knife. She pours into a teaspoon and brew with two drops of lemon juice.

A swarm of swamps

A rock of marsh well helps to cope with cold allergies. It is possible to make powder from a dry duckweed, crushing it in a mortar. Take a remedy for 1 st.l. Before eating, half an hour, washing with boiling water.

No less effective dumplings. 1 tsp Fresh herbs are poured 1/3 of a cent. Good vodka or alcohol. The mixture is placed for a week in a dark place in tightly closed dishes, after - strain and squeeze the grass. Drugs can be drunk only to adults: 15-20 drops three times a day, washing with water.

Importantly! Before using any of these folk remedies against cold allergy, consult your doctor.

Allergy to cold: treatment by folk remedies
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