Allergy on the hands: causes, symptoms and treatment

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Allergy on the hands is a pathological condition that develops as a reaction to stimuli.

If the human body gets an allergen, the immune system begins to produce antibodies to neutralize this substance. The emergence of allergy in the hands - a specific reaction of the body to internal or external stimuli, which manifests itself in the form of various skin rashes.

Allergy on the hands: causes

The reasons for the allergic reaction are different.

  • Prolonged or single-contact skin contact with household chemistry, rain, cold, wind and others. Many detergents contain potent chemical components that have a very negative effect on the skin. It is covered with a rash, itching starts. Shortly after contact with the skin, cracks and wounds can develop. In prolonged contact with potent chemicals, the patient may develop an allergic reaction to the fingers, which leads to pain when trying to bend them.
  • Young children may develop an allergic reaction to food. Citrus, sweets can provoke redness and rash in the area below the elbow.
  • Allergy to the cold is accompanied not only by the redness of the skin, but also by pain.

Sensitization - a process in which the body produces protective antibodies, when faced with an allergen for the first time. Subsequently, in contact with this component, there is a rash on the skin of the hands. This type of reaction is called allergic dermatitis. Dermatitis may be severe and chronic.

In the acute nature of the disease, the skin of the hands swells and reddened in the patient. After a while, bubbles with transparent contents appear on this site, which burst upon prolonging the harmful effects from the outside.

In some cases, a bacterial infection may be associated with dermatitis. After wound healing, scars and scars can be formed.

Chronic form of the disease is accompanied by lichenization - thickening of the skin, and in some cases and peeling.


Depending on the causes of allergy, its nature, localization and other factors, the treatment schedule is determined.

  • Allergic reactions that occur in infancy, most patients no longer apparent failure from eating large quantities of citrus fruits and sweets. This type of allergy does not require medication.
  • For the treatment of other types of allergic reactions apply creams and ointments are assigned antihistamines. For the treatment of chronic dermatitis can be recommended cream emollients, emollient and protects the skin from the negative external environment.
  • In the most severe cases of allergy treatment at the hands of appointed hormone corticosteroid ointments.
Allergy on the hands: causes, symptoms and treatment
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