Allergy on cosmetics: how to be protected

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Intolerance to cosmetics is a manifestation of an individual, but it is possible to avoid it. It is enough to know about the causes of allergy and some features of the use of cosmetics.

Cosmetics allows a woman to emphasize beauty. But if it causes allergies, the skin turns into the wrong side.

What is allergic?

  • Preservatives (Parabens, tetranyl, formaldehyde, bromophenol). Given that many cosmetics are an excellent environment for microbial reproduction, manufacturers are forced to add preservatives in them. The more preservatives in the tube, the longer the shelf life of the medium and so it is more harmful.
  • Scents. The more intense and pleasant smells cosmetics, the more flavors in it. Natural flavors are considered to be more harmful than synthetic (for example, aromatic citrus oils often cause an allergic reaction).
  • Dyestuffs. Salts of metals (silver, chromium, nickel) in pencil for eyes and lips, mascara, aniline paint in lipstick - the main allergens in decorative cosmetics. The brighter the color and more stable cosmetics, the more aggressive substances contained in it.
  • Biologically active additives. The role of active substances are enzymes (proteins), as well as a number of substances of animal and plant origin, foreign to the body. Even more dangerous is when supplements contain unknown ingredients that may not be well cleaned.

Manifestations of allergy

The following symptoms may signal the need to immediately stop using a cream or decorative pencil:

Allergy on cosmetics: how to be protected
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