Allergy in newborns

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Abdominal pain, anxiety, stomach upset, skin lesions and respiratory infections in newborns are all signs of allergy that can not be neglected. How is allergy in newborns manifest?

Almost half of all newborns suffer from allergies. The risk of its occurrence is greatly increased if the baby's mother is prone to allergic reactions. An inherited factor plays an important role in the emergence of allergies.

Toxemia in late pregnancy or mother-infected infectious disease also increases the likelihood of child allergy. In this case, after childbirth, it is necessary to pay great attention to the ration, choosing only consciously safe products, following the reaction of the baby and gradually introducing something new.

How to determine the allergy in the newborn

How to determine that the child has an allergy to this or that eaten mother's product? If the baby begins to weep loudly in 15-20 minutes after feeding and owl legs, this means that something in his mother's milk did not like his body.

Then there may be a rash on the skin, the liquid stool is painted in green, sometimes vomiting is revealed. This means the use of this product should be postponed for a later date. Let the baby grow up a little and strengthen.

The emergence of allergies in the newborn should be reported to the pediatrician, and after a while, begin to gradually expand the diet. So it will be useful for both mom and baby to set a set of products.

Products that cause allergies in the newborn

Experience shows that in children of the first year of life, food allergy is most often caused by cow's milk protein or other protein foods. That is why in the first half of the year there is no better breast milk for infants.

The later the baby is applied to the chest, the higher the probability that he will have an allergy. The fact that the gastrointestinal tract of the newborn is sterile, as well as the mother's milk, and with late application often until the child receives a long-awaited chest, he already disturbed the formation of normal microflora and develops dysbiosis.

If for some reason it is necessary to artificially feed, it is important to carefully select the mixture, having consulted with the pediatrician. If the baby is intolerant of cow's and even soy protein, doctors will recommend hypoallergenic mixtures.

Medications that cause allergies in the newborn

In addition to food, the emergence of allergies in newborns may be associated with vaccination. Many of the inoculant substances are allergens, and this should be borne in mind.

To dysbiosis and allergic reactions in newborns often leads to the intake of antibiotics. Pregnancy and breastfeeding should be treated with extreme caution before taking medication. And even more so, it's not worthwhile giving birth to any newborns on its own initiative. First consult with a good doctor.

Allergy in newborns
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