All stages of intestinal cancer: named risks and predisposition

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On the occurrence of bowel disease, the appearance of cancer it can affect many factors: what ever damage, adverse environmental factors, poor diet, age, heredity, alcohol and smoking. But cancer can occur for other reasons - just something went wrong in the body.

Please be aware that bowel cancer concept combines different in location, shape and histological structure of malignant tumors of the colon, rectum and cecum, plus anal canal. There are four stages of intestinal cancer, of which the hardest - the fourth. But there is also a zero stage, which is characterized by a small growth in the gut epithelium - it is not malignant, not penetrating beyond the damaged organ and without metastasis. The cause of such a phenomenon in the organism may be radioactivity, ultraviolet radiation, chemical substances, heredity, mechanical damage.

But the first stage of intestinal cancer is characterized by the presence of atypical neoplasms, which is still in the intestine and does not give metastasis. At this stage, the cancer is detected using colonoscopy, intestinal x-ray, palpation, finger research, laboratory examination of feces in the blood. If the cancer is detected in the first stage, then its treatment occurs with rather high efficiency.

The second stage is more serious - atypical cells uncontrollably grow, forming their accumulation. From this tumor the tumor begins to develop, which leads to intestinal obstruction. If the tumor is benign, then it will put pressure on the tissues. And if it turns out to be malignant - then it will begin to germinate into the gut wall.

At the third stage of intestinal cancer metastases are already emerging - cancer cells rapidly divide and move with the flow of lymph and blood across all organs and the entire body. Because of this, cancer cells are justified in other organs and form new tumors of the tumor. It is necessary to know that in case of intestinal cancer, the main metastasis affects the liver.

And the last one is the fourth stage of the disease, in which it is impossible to remove with the help of a surgical intervention all cancer cells that have spread throughout the body - there is a high probability that even after removal, there will be other cells that will relapse the cancer. At this stage, the disease of the focal point of cancer may already be in the lungs, liver and other organs. Unfortunately, the fourth stage of intestinal cancer is the extreme disease point preceding the lethal outcome. Cancer at this stage begins to produce toxic substances that poison the body, violate normal nutrition - gradually begin to refuse certain organs. Medics at the fourth stage of intestinal cancer can only carry multivitamins and drug therapies to maintain the quality of life of the patient.

You need to carefully monitor your condition and know the symptoms of intestinal cancer in the early stages, when it still makes sense to fight for your life. These include: intestinal bleeding, abdominal pain, weakness, fatigue, false positives and impaired emptying, weight loss. Often the precancerous state is polyps - benign formations, which usually do not give symptoms - just a disgust to meat products.

All stages of intestinal cancer: named risks and predisposition
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