All about the first milk teeth

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The first milk teeth - their appearance impatiently and trembling awaits the whole baby's family. And as soon as they are shown to light, this news flies to all friends and acquaintances.

How often is the question given to young parents: "Well, what did the first milk teeth appear?" This is a period of a child's life that attracts particular attention. And he begins on average six months old.

Sequence of the appearance of teeth

Usually the first of all milk teeth appear 2 internal lower and 2 internal upper incisors. Then, alternately, the outer upper and outer lower cutters follow. And for the next three months, small minor root teeth should appear on the light. The cavities are cut only in the age of one and a half years, and to two years the child has back small root teeth.

Problems with the appearance of milk teeth

In principle, the appearance of the first milk chips does not give the child a particular concern. Almost always this process is accompanied by abundant salivation and the desire of the child to chew and chew something. But there are situations when there are some troubles. They can express themselves in the bad mood of the child and in changing their habitual behavior. Some of them experience pain in the gums and some discomfort when the first milk teeth begin to break through.

When the tooth begins to approach the very surface of the gum, the pain becomes almost constant. The gum in the appearance of the first milk tooth can swell and blush. Immediately on the place of appearance of the tooth formed a slightly swollen white tubercle. Also, in some cases, these convex gums can buy a purple-red tinge due to a strong blood supply, which in some cases may be outward. But do not panic in this case. Just make sure there is no increase in bleeding, and contact your doctor in a timely manner.

Myths about the first young teeth

There are a number of myths, following which, many young parents are even more harmful to their child. List these major errors.

  1. It is not necessary to clean the milk teeth, as they still have to fall out. But it should be remembered that oral hygiene will never be excessive. And the sooner you bring your child to her, the better.
  2. When cleaning teeth, a child can swallow a paste that is harmful to him. But modern children's pastes are absolutely safe for children's health.
  3. It is not necessary to treat milk teeth as they will fall out. But at the same time infection from a milk tooth can be transferred to a constant, which only worsens the situation in the future.

In the issue of milk teeth, there are 2 important rules. First, do not panic when they start to grow. And secondly, milk teeth require no less care and worries than indigenous teeth. Take care of your children.

All about the first milk teeth
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