Alien body in the eye: what to do

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Cases when foreign objects fall into the eyes occur quite often. Externally harmless, this phenomenon can lead to significant complications: damage to the organ of vision and violation of its functions. To avoid this, you need to know what to do in such a situation.

Typically, particles of dirt, blisters, eyelashes, flying insects fall into the eyes. It happens that in the eye there are components related to professional human activity: metal or wood shavings, etc. This is usually due to non-compliance by the employee with safety rules, such as the absence of special glasses.

The most dangerous are foreign objects with sharp edges and penetrating into the eye at high speed. They can damage the eyeball, get stuck in the cornea or vitreous body. This can lead to poor vision.

If foreign objects fall into the conjunctival sac under the upper or lower centuries, they can be taken independently.

Symptoms of a third party body in the eye

  • Feeling of acute burning;
  • Tear-off
  • Pain when flickering;
  • Discomfort in the eye area;
  • Deterioration of vision;
  • photophobia;
  • Inability to open eyes through pain;
  • Redness of the eye;
  • Puffiness of the century.

How to remove an outsider from the eye

  1. Flushing of the conjunctiva. Before handing over and removing a foreign body, it is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly. Using a pipette, plunge warm physiological saline or boiling water first under the lower eyelid, and then under the top.
  2. If a foreign body is clearly visible on the sclera or under the lower eyelid, it can be carefully removed by the corner of a clean handkerchief, a cotton swab comprised of a sterile bandage. These items can be used dry or wet in the solution furatsilina.
  3. If you get into the eye the object is not visible, you should carefully examine the space under the lower and upper ages. To do this, pull the lower eyelid down, and the victim should look up. To study the upper conjunctival bag more difficult: the patient is asked to look down, and the person who conducts the manipulation, grabs two fingers along the eyelashes of his upper eyelid and pulls it forward and downward. Then, the index finger of the other hand or glass rod is applied from the top to the eyelid and turned it outwards.
  4. If you find a particle under the upper eyelid, you can, taking the eyelashes, tighten the upper eyelid to the lower one and hold it for a while.
  5. You can remove the rubbish, lifting the upper eyelid and holding it in that position until the tears appear. This natural liquid is capable of painlessly washing off an alien object from the eye.

Safety rules

Should immediately contact a doctor if the foreign body has penetrated into the eyeball if more than 24 hours have passed since the injury and if there are signs of inflammation.

It is impossible to independently try to remove from the eye metal shavings, an alien object, located in the area of ​​the iris.

After the procedure for self-removal of the foreign body, it is necessary to dip into the eye antiseptic for the prevention of infection and contact an ophthalmologist for inspection.

When transporting a victim to a hospital, it is necessary to use a bandage: put a clean scarf, a napkin or folded bandage on the damaged eye and do not tightly fix it with a bandage top. The second eye is also recommended to keep closed.

You can not rub the eye - it can lead to even greater irritation and provoke the penetration of the particle of an alien body into the eyeball and injure it.

Alien body in the eye: what to do
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