Alcology - the science of pain

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Alcology - a modern interdisciplinary science that studies pain and how to relieve pain.

The pain occupies a special place in the sensory system of man, being, in essence, the sixth feeling after sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

Pain acts as the most important signaling mechanism that prevents the body from damaging cells. Without a feeling of pain, a person is not able to exist normally, but the breakdown of this rather thin mechanism often leads to complete maladaptation of the body.

Science is an allergy

Algology (from the Greek "algos" - "pain") is a science that studies pain. This science was born relatively recently at the intersection of scientific disciplines related to pain in humans: anesthesiology, oncology, neurosurgery, pharmacology, psychiatry, psychology, etc.

Currently, in a number of countries there is a separate medical specialty - allergy, that is, the doctor who is engaged in clinical problems of diagnosis of pain and their removal. In addition, in foreign clinics, there is the concept of pain-manager - a specialist in pain relief.

The main problems of allergy are precisely the breakdown of the pain sensitivity of the body - chronic pain and severe acute pain, which have no known causes. In the field of diseases and conditions requiring interference with theology, include:

  • Malignant tumors
  • headache,
  • Neuralgia
  • Pain in the lesion of the vertebral column,
  • Phantom pain
  • Other diseases.

Diagnosis of pain

Along with the applied issue of pain relief and the creation of more perfect and selective analgesics, the allergy also raises issues of improving the quality of pain diagnosis and the creation of a universal scale of pain intensity with the ability to calibrate it for a particular person.

Now commonly accepted is the visual analog scale (VAS, VAS), which allows a person to independently determine the intensity of his pain. However, the high degree of subjectivity of this method and the difference in the interpretation of the results obtained from different experts have repeatedly been called in the scientific community and the practitioners have a fair desire to replace this scale with something more objective.

Remedies for pain relief

Scientists are engaged in the gradual expansion of the possibilities of electropulse influence on pain impulses. For example, with the help of an electromagnetic wave, a distant (non-contact) method of violating impulses on the nerve is now used.

Other promising directions of the algorithm include improvement of pumps with analgesics for permanent wearing, as well as special implants of the spinal cord on accumulators.

Alcology - the science of pain
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