Alcohol causes irreversible processes in the brain of the driver

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The human brain consists of three main parts - the brain, the cerebellum and the medulla oblongata. The brain controls key functions such as thinking, vision, emotions, etc., while alcohol reduces their functionality.

The cerebellum basically controls the movement, and "deals with reflexes, balance and coordination." The duodenum is responsible for heartbeat and breathing, and these processes can be completely stopped by a fatally high dose of alcohol.

The brain and nerves consist of neurons that deliver messages from the brain and back. Neurons are connected by synapses that carry electrical signals, mediators without which the connection described above is impossible. Alcohol affects the work of the brain, showing destructive activity in the synapses, blocking the connection between the neurons. That is why a drunk person can not walk straight, talking indiscreetly, and a drunk driver slowly presses the brakes in a dangerous situation and turns off the "nevpast".

In some countries, a driver who is "below the wheel" is at risk of getting six years of imprisonment. What is the basis of such a rigor? When we lead, we simultaneously use a lot of basic functions of higher nervous activity - perception, thinking, reaction, decision-making. Too much alcohol in the blood prevents us from coordinating all these actions.

The drunk driver loses the ability to estimate the distance between stationary and moving objects, which creates complexity even for parking. Under the degrees it is more difficult to adapt to the sudden darkness, maintain constant speed. Peripheral vision worsens and road signs are given little attention.

Naturally, this creates emergency situations, many of which end with deaths - as the perpetrators of an accident, and in no way innocent people.

Alcohol causes irreversible processes in the brain of the driver
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