Aggressive people prefer red clothes in their clothes

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Researchers at the University of North Dakota made an unexpected discovery: in a state of anger, a person prefers a red color rather than a blue one. In general, such preferences can talk about hostility, writes Business Standard. This was proved by an experiment with a group of volunteers who were asked to choose a color.

Apparently, preferences for reddish shades are due to evolution. Earlier, red was directly associated with the threat. So, scientists asked volunteers that they like more - red or blue. In this case, tests were conducted to assess the personality. It turned out that those who chose the red color were often tuned to hostility in interpersonal contacts.

Then the volunteers showed images that became blurred (there was only a shade of red or blue). If a person believed that the picture was dominated by red, she had 25% more signs of hostility. Enemy-minded people have hostile thoughts. And such thoughts are associated with red color. Therefore, people see this color more often.

It is noteworthy: when Red fans offered two scenarios of behavior in an arbitrary situation, they chose a scenario in which they hurt another person, which did not do blue lovers.

Aggressive people prefer red clothes in their clothes
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