Age and nutrition

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Nutrition and age are closely linked. Over the years, the human body has undergone fundamental changes. Nutrition and age should vary together.

The metabolism is slowing down and in the same way life consumes fewer calories. Proteins and fats are necessary at any age, but in their youth they need more for the normal functioning of all organs.

The need for some micronutrients depends on age: in adolescence, it requires a lot of iodine, in mature - iron, in the summer - calcium.

Thinking about health, you must first of all normalize your diet. Assign power and age to select the right menu.

Perfect weight by age

For beauty and health, you need to maintain an ideal weight by age. Over the years, usually a few kilos are added. This is almost inevitable for women after 40 years. And sometimes such an increase is even considered to be beneficial for the skin of the face and body.

On the other hand, remember that by dialing extra pounds, you provoke metabolic diseases (diabetes, atherosclerosis), heart disease, joints and bone tissue. A complete person is more vulnerable to heart attacks and strokes, more often faced with arterial hypertension. Therefore, your weight after 40 years should not be higher than your weight in 18 years by 5-10%. And this is due to normal weight in adolescence.

For adults in young and middle age, the Kettl index (body mass index) is used to determine the relevance of normal weight. Ideal is the index from 18.5 to 24.9 kg/m².

It turns out that at an elevation of 170 cm the weight can range from 55 kg to 70 kg.

To which particular number to strive for - the issue is not medicine, but rather aesthetic perception. But over 70 kg at an elevation of 170 cm doctors do not recommend weighing in any case.

In old age, in children and pregnant women, the body mass index is not used to calculate the ideal weight. For pregnant women, weight gain in weeks is more important.

For children of all ages, depending on the gender, special tables of height and weight are drawn up. They show the minimum, average and maximum values ​​of each metric by age. In order to determine the ideal weight for the age of the child, you must also estimate its height. So, if the baby has a minimum normal height and maximum normal weight, he probably already has obesity.

Nutrition and age in children are interrelated. Introduce breastfeeding to breast milk or an adapted mixture should be strictly controlled by a doctor. This will avoid problems with the gastrointestinal tract, allergic reactions and excess body weight in the baby.

In the elderly there are processes of reducing the volume of muscle tissue, reducing the density of bones, and also decreases the amount of water in the body. All this leads to the fact that one and the same weight of a woman in 30 years and in 70 years, in the first case, may correspond to the norm, and in the second - excess body mass. In order to find out your ideal weight by age - contact a specialist (dietitian, endocrinologist, therapist).

Healthy eating and age

The basic principles of healthy eating are the same for all periods of life. The food should be balanced, diverse and rich in vitamins. If the patient in addition to obesity there are also concomitant diseases, then the diet should be based on these problems.

In general, there is only one answer to the question of how to lose weight before the age of 20 or after 60 years. To lose weight, you need to spend more calories than to eat with food. But how exactly should the food and age be correlated, the specialist will tell.

Nutrition and age older than 50 years

Reduce body mass to normal in any period of life. It is likely that it will be easier to lose weight in your youth, but slimming after 50 years is also possible. The older the person, the slower the metabolism becomes. Therefore, in old age it is not necessary to count on fast results of a diet. However, having dropped excess weight, you will feel not only more attractive, but also younger ones. After all, getting rid of excess fat tissue, you will help both the heart and joints, and the liver. Many note that after losing weight, they got rid of shortness of breath, edema, persistent pain in the joints and the spine.

Weight loss after 50 years should be gradual and maximally comfortable for the patient. Doctors call for the abandonment of extreme methods of exposure to body weight: fasting, mono-diet, low-carbohydrate power systems, and the like. Your menu must be balanced and varied. It is desirable to eat food 3-5 times a day, in small portions. Eat the last time no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime. It is necessary to eat slowly, carefully chewing food.

The diet should have the maximum amount of vegetables in different forms. Salads can not be filled with mayonnaise, no sour cream, no vegetable oil. Try original low-calorie refills: unsweetened yogurt, lemon juice and spices.

Do not use fat for cooking. Any product in fried form is much more caloric, so prefer boiled, stewed, steamed meals.

Try to limit fats. It is in the fatty foods that contain the maximum amount of calories. So, it is worth abandoning pork, fat, canned meat, sausage, semi-finished products, fatty dairy products. In addition, it matters and reduces the use of carbohydrates. If your blood glucose level is normal, then you do not have to completely give up the sweet. However, restricting confectionery products is necessary.

Complex carbohydrates (bread, pasta, cereals, potatoes) should be on the menu daily, but the portion needs to be reduced by 2 times compared to your usual one.

Weight loss after 50 years will be effective if you add to your diet's physical activity. If you have not been involved in sports for a long time, then start training with the simplest exercises. For many, even a mere loading would be enough.

To understand how fit a particular type of physical activity, consult a specialist, monitor your health, pressure, pulse during training. A very important condition is the regularity of workouts. Take at least 30 minutes 3-4 times a week.

Sometimes patients who lose weight after 50 years endocrinologists prescribe medications. You should not buy biologically active food supplements in pharmacies without the advice of a specialist.

How to lose weight in 9 years?

Today, obesity in childhood and adolescence has become a major problem in Ukraine. The cause of overweight in the young is mainly overeating. No drugs for the treatment of obesity in pediatrics are not used.

How to lose weight in 9 years? Only through the normalization of nutrition. Parents must change the way a child lives. Teach him to control his appetite. When it comes to a large excess of body weight, consultation of the child's endocrinologist is mandatory. Many children and adolescents are advised to undergo a course of treatment from a psychologist. So, in order to lose weight, a child with obesity needs the help of specialists, and most importantly, parents.

Age and nutrition
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