After removing a nerve bolts tooth: what to do

Surgical Extraction Of Wisdom Tooth Close To Nerves (Health And Medical Video 2018).

If after the removal of the nerve is a toothache, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the doctor and, if necessary, in due time to seek the help of a specialist.

In the treatment of caries sometimes it is not possible to avoid the removal of the nerve. But after the removal of the nerve, sometimes the toothache returns. What to do if after the removal of the nerve pain is a tooth?

What is a tooth nerve and when it needs to be removed

The human tooth is not only from hard fabrics. Externally the tooth is covered with enamel, the dentin layer is located underneath the enamel. There is a cavity in the dentin, where soft tissues are concentrated - the pulp of the tooth, which is infiltrated by nerves and blood vessels, thus providing tooth nutrition and response to internal and external stimuli.

After the pulp is removed, the tooth becomes dead. Doctors are trying to remove the nerve only in the extreme case, since the dead tooth is more fragile, it darkens and breaks much faster.

Tooth nerve should be removed if:

After removing a nerve bolts tooth: what to do

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