After injury nimiye hand: what to do

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Patients often turn to therapists or traumatologists with complaints that after the injury the hand dries. There are several reasons that lead to numbness. If the problem begins to be chronic, think seriously about the treatment.

When the hands are in static tension, there is a violation of blood circulation and inevitable numbness. Among the women of this problem, those who are engaged in sewing or knitting are the most exposed. To cope with numbness in this case, it is necessary to alternate the voltage and rest phases. But in difficult situations (for example, when an arm dries to a complete loss of sensitivity after injury, the expert's intervention is necessary.

Causes of numbness

The causes of numbness may be different. Their conditionally can be divided into temporary and permanent. In the first case, a person needs to change the position or rest, in the second - the necessary treatment.

Main reasons:

  • Monotonous work;
  • Overcooling
  • poisoning;
  • Numbness after hand damage.

Treatment of numbness

If the hand dries after an injury, pay attention to the area of ​​loss of sensitivity: a brush, brush and forearm, only shoulder and so on. Sometimes feelings are accompanied by tingling and joint pain. In principle, when a brush dries after a blow, for example, accidental - it is a natural phenomenon. But if after the damage has passed enough time and no improvement is observed, consult a doctor.

In the case of overcooling or poisoning, everything is extremely clear - it is necessary to eliminate harmful factors, that is to place a person in heat or to introduce an antidote. Numbness is one of the symptoms of overcooling, in severe cases it is necessary to give first aid. If the antidote is not given on time, necrosis of tissues may occur.

If numbness is chronic and proceeds sluggish, you should undergo a diagnosis. Perhaps there is a violation of the spine, vascular disease, pressure problems, or damage to the nerve endings. When, after injury, the hand dries for a long time and with a certain periodicity, a detailed diagnosis will reveal likely fractures of the bones, partial destruction of the vessels or soft tissues, which may also be the cause of numbness.

Then only the doctor can appoint the correct treatment. Today rheumatology quickly and easily eliminates numbness of hands. Unfortunately, sometimes, when a hand dries significantly after an injury, full recovery is not possible, and people will be faced with discomfort at abrupt changes in weather conditions or changes in atmospheric pressure.

Baths and massages

If the hand dries after an injury and there are no medical contraindications, do not forget about such a simple and effective way of help, like saline baths and massages.

It is worth noting again that numbness is a common problem. Often fears are unnecessary and medical aid is not needed. But if, for example, for a long time after injury, the hand dries almost to a complete loss of sensitivity, consult a doctor-rheumatologist or traumatologist.

After injury nimiye hand: what to do
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