After filling the toothache: causes

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The tooth is sealed, but discomfort and pain do not disappear. Umbilical pains can occur as a result of improper treatment or filling of the tooth, as well as in the case of an allergic reaction to the materials used in the sealing process.

The pain after filling can mean that in the treatment of not all root canal processes were filled filling materials.

There are cases when the pain arises because the tooth cavity was not well cleaned before sealing. It could have fragments of enamel, dentin, pathological tissues and others.

In both situations, inevitable inflammation of the tissues of the tooth under the seal, which can cause serious complications. X-rays help identify the problem, then re-treatment is necessary.

Violation in the process of sealing

After filling the tooth may be ill, if in the process of treatment the doctor has allowed some violations. Among them can be attributed:

After filling the toothache: causes
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