After eliminating hemorrhoids

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Surgical treatment of hemorrhoids is used in cases where the disease is in the third and fourth stage, as well as in the case of acute thrombosis when pain is unbearable.

Hemorrhoidectomy - an operation to remove hemorrhoids, is carried out under general anesthesia.

The operation is currently performed in various ways, the most common method for removing hemorrhoids is the method using an ultrasound scalpel. The postoperative period lasts for almost 20 days; patients must strictly follow a diet that prevents constipation, as well as avoid physical activity on the body.

After removal of hemorrhoids, there is a problem such as "postoperative anal ankle" and it is necessary to treat it with anti-inflammatory drugs and those that accelerate healing. You can lubricate inflamed areas of sea buckthorn oil.

After hemorrhoidectomy, after 3-5 years of hemorrhage, unpleasant feelings after defecation can resume, and then almost a third of the operated again there is loss of nodes. Therefore, it is imperative that preventive measures are taken to prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

After eliminating hemorrhoids
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