After birth, 75% of women are gaining weight

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Many mothers after childbirth are trying to return to the weight they had before they were pregnant. Researchers at the University of Chicago and the Houston Methodist found that nearly 75% of women in the year after childbirth weigh more compared to how much they weighed before pregnancy. The researchers analyzed data from 774 low-income women.

It turned out that one third of those who had normal weight before pregnancy, one year after childbirth was overweight or suffering from obesity. Almost 25% of mothers over a year saved more than 9 extra pounds. In 47% there were about 5 extra pounds. In the United States, 35% of women over the age of 20 suffer from obesity, and 34% are overweight. Researchers suggest: in some cases, the cause may be pregnancy.

The results could have been affected by the poor financial situation of the participants. Probably many of them did not go to the gym because of the lack of money and time. According to scientists, women in the beginning of pregnancy need to consult doctors about weight gain and physical activity. Pregnant women can gain weight through the myth that they should "eat for two". In fact, they should only consume 300-400 extra calories if they expect one child. Researchers found: weight loss after childbirth contributes to moderate physical activity and breastfeeding.

After birth, 75% of women are gaining weight
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