What affects the teeth whiteness

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Beautiful and white teeth are a measure of health and status. The linen of human teeth is determined by anatomical and physiological features. What, after all, affects the color of our teeth?

On the surface of the teeth is an invisible film for the human eye. In this film and attach various deposits that provide our bad teeth yellow or brown tint. People with elevated plaque to teeth linen not perished yet more dentists recommend the use of additional hygiene, dental floss (flosses), toothpastes with high abrasion factor, hard toothbrushes and increase time brushing at least 5 minutes.

Harmful habits and medicines

The most harmful habit that affects linen teeth is smoking. In modern dentistry, there is even a concept such as "a smoker's platter". Nicotine is a very sticky and strong colorant that affects the color of the teeth.

Sometimes it happens that the whiteness of teeth varies due to frequent medication, particularly those with a membership of iron. Iron is deposited on the tooth enamel, forming a specific compound that pulls darkening of the enamel.


There are also foods that worsen or, conversely, improve the natural tooth whiteness. In order to keep their teeth in good condition, it is necessary to limit the excessive use of products that can give bad teeth darker shade.

Harmful products

The greatest influence on the color of the teeth is given to coffee and coffee beverages, especially the soluble coffee type "3 in 1", as it contains a huge amount of dyes that affect the color of the tooth enamel.

Sweets and caramels not only contain a lot of dyes, but also remain on the surface of the teeth, while forming a very sticky invisible film for a long time. In addition to the deterioration of tooth enamel linen, the risk of developing caries is increased.

Sweet carbonated beverages, except dyes, contain orthophosphoric acid, the enamel of teeth gradually melts.

Useful products

As a rule, dentists recommend to use hard products that require a long chewing. This is due to the following reasons:

  1. These products contain numerous fibers. When chewing, they mechanically clean teeth from the remnants of food, thus the linen of teeth is kept in excellent condition.
  2. It is known that with intense chewing, saliva is highly secreted, which, in turn, substantially saturates the tooth enamel with useful minerals.

Obviously, hard food is very useful for keeping white teeth whitening.

It should also be noted that the products that strengthen the enamel of the teeth are various nuts (pistachios, almonds, walnuts and sesame seeds). Thanks to its unique chemical composition, these products perfectly clean and strengthen the enamel of teeth. We can not forget about such delicacies as strawberries. Strawberry contains the most useful bleaching substances.

It is safe to assert that for a modern man, tooth whiteness is an integral part of lifestyle, and it can be easily maintained, following simple recommendations.

What affects the teeth whiteness
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