Aesthetic brackets: a place in the bracket systems classification

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Brackets can be classified according to various features. But it is much more important to understand what the client is aiming at, how and by what term he would like to reach it. For example, aesthetic braces are often chosen by those who are ashamed to wear metal toothpicks.

Today there is a huge amount of promotional materials that tell about the benefits of one way or another of equalizing teeth: aesthetic braces, brackets self-lubricating, inner braces. The purpose of this article is to streamline the information and brief acquaintance of the reader with different types of braces.

First of all, the dentists began to classify braces on the basis of aesthetics and the material used when they were created. According to this classification, aesthetic braces (from ceramics, sapphire, plastic) and metal are distinguished.

Braces aesthetic

Bracket-systems of the aesthetic type are created from the material, in tint and tone as close as possible to the color of the tooth enamel. Sapphire braces are made from artificially-grown crystals of sapphire (transparent). The ceramic is used matte, practically not visible on the background of the teeth. Technologies allow you to create plastics of a variety of colors and textures that are not distinguishable from enamel. With the work of a professional experienced dentist with expensive systems, aesthetic orthodontic braces are virtually unobtainable to the outside of the eye and cause a minimum of discomfort to the patient.

Metal bracelets

Metal-type systems are made of alloys that contrast with the appearance of the teeth. The obvious advantage of such braces is the cost.

It is possible to identify the main bracket systems manufacturers:

  • ORMCO;
  • American Orthodontics;
  • 3M Unitek;
  • Ortho Technology;
  • Forestadent

Another type of classification that does not depend on whether the aesthetic is a bracelet, or bracelet made of metal - classification by the method of installation and efficiency.

Self-tightening brackets

They are also called bezglaturnye. They are made with a special lid or hooks, thanks to which the arc is fixed on each bracket, which is not pressed against it, sliding freely (in grooves or gaps). This system is more modern; Thanks to the technical solution, the time required to equalize the teeth, is reduced by almost a quarter.

Traditional brackets

They are also referred to as ligatures. They are installed in such a way that the arc is fixed on each bracket with the help of ligatures. Thus a system with a large number of stagnant friction elements is formed. This system is outdated, and time for alignment inevitably increases.

Internal and external braces

Finally, the braces can be divided by the placement: internal or external. Internal, or lingual, braces are placed on the inside of the teeth. They are completely unobtrusive to others. The outer, or vestibular, braces are placed on the outside of the tooth and visible to others.

Obviously, the client who wants to get the best result or experience a comfortable leveling process chooses different braces: bezlagaturnye, aesthetic, internal. In general, you should get the most detailed consultation of the dentist and discuss all expectations in order to find the most suitable option.

Aesthetic brackets: a place in the bracket systems classification
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