Correction of bite in adults

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Adjusting bite in adults is a very common problem, so you should find out more about it.

Many people have a wrong bite for one reason or another. As a rule, correction of occlusion in adults is rare. Sometimes people are unaware of this possibility and in some cases, they simply do not want to wear orthodontic designs, and also because many do not consider it necessary such treatment. For adults bite fixing is an important and necessary topic for conversation, which requires the destruction of stereotypes that are formed in people.

Faced with the wrong bite in adults, dentists offering to fix it, hear a lot of rejections and objections. The main cause of unwillingness to correct bite in adults is visible on the teeth of the bracelet system, besides, such orthodontic treatment lasts about a year, and sometimes longer. Also, there are often objections related to misunderstanding of the problem as a whole. For example, the leading rejection is: "I'm not a star of show business, I do not have to face my face," "I have my life all my teeth curves and nothing, the main thing is their own", "I have everything in my personal life, I do not want to change anything " In such cases, the main task of the dentist will be to clarify the problem situation.

Aesthetic and recreational goals to fix bites in adults

Adjusting bite in adults can help prevent a variety of diseases. For example, among the problems with the wrong bite the main ones are:

  • Increased tooth erosion;
  • A violation of the function of the tooth-jaw system, which in turn leads to the emergence of gastrointestinal diseases;
  • The emergence of caries;
  • The emergence of periodontitis;
  • The appearance of headaches;
  • The appearance of strangely breathing.

Among the aesthetic problems of irregular bite in adults, one can highlight that people with such problems often have complexes due to their appearance, less laugh and try to cover their mouths with their hands, and also do not like to be photographed.

Adjustment of occlusion in adulthood has some advantages, among which: high motivation of the patient, because he firmly decided to get the result, the client does not need constant monitoring, besides the adult cares much more care about his teeth and orthodontic systems.

Correction of bite in adults in most cases occurs with bracket systems, since they have sufficient effort to move the teeth. All modern bracket designs are not only effective but also aesthetic. They can be as less noticeable on teeth as sapphire braces or lingual systems, as well as colorful bracket designs for those who want to stand out.

For more severe cases, the correction of adult bite occurs by surgical intervention, when the orthodontist surgeon removes the imbalance of the jaw bones or their asymmetry, changes the position of the mandible or shape of the chin, expands the sky. With proper treatment and a comprehensive approach to correcting bite in adults, the result will be a beautiful sincere smile and a lot of positive emotions.

Correction of bite in adults
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