Acute teeth: about what it says

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It is known that there is some relationship between the state of the teeth, the health and the nature of the person. Large, uneven or sharp teeth can also tell a little about the nature of their owner.

Almost every person at least once in his life experienced a toothache, because caries periodically suffers almost all the population of the planet. Regular brushing of teeth, the use of all sorts of preparations for the maintenance of oral cavity in perfect condition, as well as timely visits to the dentist, do not guarantee complete disengagement from caries.

How to find out the character of a person on the teeth

Wanting to know the character of a person, look carefully at his smile and teeth. And in ancient times, the appearance of the teeth was judged by the decency of the whole family.

Determination of the nature of the appearance of the teeth.

  1. The sharpened teeth are a sign of mockery and deceit, and one should stay as far as possible.
  2. The weakness is characteristic of a person, if he has too large intervals between the upper teeth.
  3. Good and courageous are people whose teeth are large enough and strong. Such people are always ready to help in a difficult moment.
  4. The teeth of the correct form, which have no chains, inclination and gaps, testify to the kindness of the soul.
  5. The small inequalities on the surface of the teeth indicate that such a person does not rigorous actions.

However, it should be borne in mind that the elderly often teeth intersect, so seeing they have sharp teeth, they should not be afraid.

Medical workers say that some diseases, as well as the structure of dental tissue and the immunity of the oral cavity are transmitted from generation to generation, so sharp, dull, thin or low teeth can be all family members.

The state of teeth is an indicator of the health of the organism as a whole

It is no secret to anyone that the owners of beautiful teeth, having a charming smile, are easier to contact with others. Sick teeth, as well as diseases of the oral cavity, lead to the fact that a person constantly covers his mouth with his hands and is ashamed to smile, because of which there is a closure and complexes develop.

Teeth are an indicator of various malfunctions in the body, including sharp teeth. If you analyze the overall condition of the teeth and the existing disease, then you can see that each tooth is associated with any internal organ or system, regardless of the acute tooth or dull. Teeth act as peculiar indicators of the body's work in general.

Scientists argue that the work of the liver is visible in the condition of the lower jaws. About how well the pancreas functions, it is visible on small root teeth. The upper front and lower teeth indicate the state of the joints. Gum - is an indicator of the work of the intestines and stomach.

If desired, anyone can have a beautiful and charming smile, if they follow the recommendations of doctors, lead a healthy lifestyle and take a preventive examination in time.

Acute teeth: about what it says
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