Acute renal insufficiency: causes of emergence

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Acute renal failure - this violates the cycle of excretory renal function with the accumulation of nitrogenous slags in the blood, which are removed from the body with urine. Let's consider the causes and the main symptoms of acute renal failure syndrome.

Acute renal insufficiency (OPN) is a syndrome of the termination or rapid decrease of renal function, which leads to a violation of the metabolism of the body, a sharp increase in nitrogen metabolism, a violation of the structural unit of the kidney. Also, acute renal failure syndrome may occur due to a decrease in blood flow in the kidneys, which causes a sharp decrease in the delivery of oxygen. OPF for several hours can easily provoke in the body complications of other pathological processes.


Let's list the mainsimptomy syndrome of acute renal failure:

  • A significant decrease in the amount of urine released;
  • Appetite decreases;
  • Nausea and vomiting appear;
  • There is drowsiness or restlessness of consciousness;
  • Sometimes there are cramps and even hallucinations;
  • The skin becomes pale, dry, swelling appears;
  • Heart rhythm is disturbed;
  • Frequent and deep breathing;
  • There are liquid stools and bloating.

In case of obvious manifestations of these symptoms, you should immediately contact a doctor.

Causes of development

To prevent acute renal failure syndrome you are not surprised, it is useful to know and the causes of its development.

Acute renal insufficiency: causes of emergence
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