Acute allergosis: detection of syndrome

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The syndrome of "acute allergies" is known as an acute allergic reaction. There is such a syndrome in the case of increased sensitivity of the human body to a re-encounter with the allergen.

The development of allergy causes allergens. And these allergens are formed, when substances of organic and inorganic origin come into our organism and are connected with large molecular proteins.

Causes of the syndrome of acute allergy

The syndrome of "acute allergies" develops due to ingestion of allergens in the body. These allergens are divided into exo-allergens and endo-allergens. And if exoallergens enter the body from external sources, then endo-allergens are formed directly in the body under the influence of completely different environmental factors. These factors include:

  • Medicines;
  • Microorganisms;
  • Products of vital activity of microorganisms;
  • Various chemicals;
  • The effect of low and high temperatures.

Clinical manifestations of the syndrome

Manifestations of the syndrome of acute allergic reaction can be diverse. And the main symptoms include respiratory failure, itching of the skin, urticaria, angioedema, arterial hypotension, diarrhea, abdominal pain.

Syndrome "acute allergies" requires mandatory observation by a doctor or, at a minimum, allergy advice. It is imperative to conduct provocative diagnostic testing. In this case, an inhalation test is performed and skin and nasal tests are performed, as well as a general analysis and immunological examination of the blood.

Types of allergic reaction

There are several types of lesions with an acute allergic process, one of which is anaphylactic. In this case, the antibodies sensitize tissues and accumulate on leukocytes. And with further ingestion of the allergen, it interacts with these antibodies, which leads to the release of biologically active substances. The result is a urticaria.

With autoallergy, the occurrence and development of syndrome with methyldof occurs, and the result is hemolytic anemia. In the case of an allergic reaction, the blood vessels are blocked or damaged by the immunocomplex type. The reaction zone includes leukocytes and active biological substances that provoke inflammation.

In an allergic reaction of a slowed-down type, the appearance of antigen-specific receptors occurs. And when a second allergen develops, a tissue allergic reaction develops.

It is worth remembering that the emergence of a syndrome of acute allergy occurs quite quickly and is directly related to the influence of an allergen. The most important thing is to set all the signs of the syndrome and identify the cause of its occurrence.

Acute allergosis: detection of syndrome
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