Actions with joint finger injury

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Fingers perform all coordinated and small actions. As a result of this activity, joint finger injury has become a commonplace phenomenon both in the industrial sphere and in everyday life.

Quite often, joint finger injury occurs in athletes, more precisely, in boxers and lovers of contact martial arts. But even in everyday situations, an uncomfortable movement can lead to dislocation, injury, or even a fracture.

Signs of a finger fracture

If, after a severe injury, the joint finger is swollen, it is necessary to make sure that it is not broken. The first signs of bone damage are as follows:

  • Sharp pain;
  • Swollen swelling
  • redness;
  • Violation of motor activity;
  • hemorrhage.

If any of these signs appears, then it is necessary to attach a pencil to your finger and fix it, and then immediately consult a doctor.

Treatment of the joint of the finger when swollen

If the joint of the finger has been damaged, then you can use local treatment with the use of agents that have anti-inflammatory action. It is also necessary to determine the cause of the damage.

To remove inflammation, you can use lotions, compresses and even wraps. An excellent tool is honey cakes, for which you will need 1 tsp Thick honey with the addition of flour. All these components will need to be mixed and add the resulting mass to the shape of the cake. It is her that you will have to apply to a place where, in your opinion, there is a joint injury of the finger. Then place a cotton cloth on top and fix it with a bandage.

Also, inflammation of the joints can be removed by folk remedies: chamomile broth, fresh pulp of aloe leaf or pulp grated raw potatoes. One of these funds should be applied to the place of edema, and from the top to close a cellophane, fixing then all with a bandage.

If a joint injury to the joint of the finger has affected the integrity of the skin, then you must also use disinfectants: "Furacilin" or hydrogen peroxide.

Flick of a finger

The most common injury to the joint is dislocation. Moreover, the big toe of the arm suffers to a greater extent because of its separate position. Despite the powerful connective device, this finger also has a certain load limit, in the transition for which there is damage and displacement of the articular surfaces relative to each other. Also, the result of dislocation of a thumb is a temporary disability of a person. Even this minor trauma prevents sometimes the most primitive actions.

Injuries to your fingers are not always a must-see when you visit a doctor. In some cases you will be able to relieve swelling and heal the damage. But if it is a dislocation or a fracture, then without the participation of a specialist can not do.

Actions with joint finger injury
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