Acoustic ear injury

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In case of prolonged or short-term exposure of a strong sound to the hearing aid, acoustic trauma may occur.

There are two types of acoustic trauma - Acute and Chronic. Acute injury occurs due to short-term effects of suppressive and high sounds and accompanied by pain.

During the histological study of the snail, which was experimentally subjected to acoustic trauma, hemorrhage was detected in the snail and displacement, as well as swelling of the cells of the spiral organ.

In everyday life, noise is common, or chronic acoustic trauma. Provocates its factor of tiredness, that is, the constant action on the organ of hearing tumultuous sounds.

Hearing disturbances that occur due to short-term noise effects can be stopped. However, quite differently, when there is a prolonged and repeated sound effect on the hearing organ. It ultimately can lead to atrophy of the cortia organ. The rumor is even more pronounced if it is affected by vibration and noise at the same time.

Professional deafness or deafness is a consequence of modern production that can not be imagined without machines, machines and other very loud mechanisms. Prolonged action of such a noise leads to a deterioration of human hearing. No noise is also impossible to imagine and huge metropolis, along the routes which day and night travel is moving.

Symptoms and first aid

Symptoms of acute acoustic ear injury may include tiredness, sharp pain in the ears, bells or noise. In this case, you should contact your doctor immediately.

The first aid to be given to the victim is to take a sterile cotton or gauze swab, close the external auditory passage, then fix the tampon with a bandage and send the victim to the nearest hospital.

Treatment and prevention

At the initial stages of professional deafness, you need to think about changing work. If a person works at a noisy enterprise, he must strictly adhere to the rest regime and the rules of individual protection from industrial noise.

For treatment there are a number of measures of general-purpose therapy, as well as the use of sedatives. It is recommended to take hydrogen sulphide or coniferous baths for general effects on the central nervous system, and for the purpose of improving blood circulation and increasing the oxidative processes, a course of vitamin therapy is prescribed.

Acoustic ear injury
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