Acne treatment

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Means for the treatment of acne include several groups, we characterize them briefly.

Antiseptic fluids: Alcohol solutions of salicylic, boric acids, aqueous solutions of chlorhexidine and furatsilina. Used in any form of acne as lotions, reduce the amount of bacteria on the skin.

Anti-inflammatory drugs for metronidazole: Trichopolum tablet and metrogyl gel. Externally used gel in mild form, combined with ingestion of tablets inside the expressed inflammatory process.

Antibiotics of the tetracycline series (Erythromycin tablets, Unidox, doxycycline) are used for ineffectiveness of pre-treatment or in the presence of ulcers. Externally used gels with antibiotics (Zinerit, Dalatzin) and ointments (erythromycin, heliomycin, tetracycline), as well as 3% levomitsetinovogo alcohol. If necessary, antibiotics are used in tablets, courses. Treatment with antibiotics is supplemented by immunomodulators (decaris for 150mg 2 times a week for a course of 1-3 months) and probiotics.

Zinc preparations (Kuryozin, zinerite, salicylic-zinc ointment and paste) are released in combination with other components for expanding the spectrum of action. They are very effective in non-severe forms of rashes.

Preparations of azelaic acid (Skinoren gel and cream). Azelaic acid reduces the formation of skin fat, has antimicrobial effect and reduces pigmentation after acne.

Preparations Benzoylperoxide (Oxy-5, oxy-10). A strong dermatologist, used in moderate and severe forms of acne, is a powerful oxidant and keratolytic. Due to the oxidizing properties it has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and bleaching effect, and due to the keratolytic effect it prevents the formation of comedones.

Preparations of retinoids, Synthetic derivatives of vitamin A (retinoic ointment, isotretinoin), are prescribed externally, if the patient is intolerable or ineffective benzoylperoxide. These drugs prevent the formation of comedones, the development of inflammation and normalize the work of the epithelium of the duct and hair follicles. Treatment with retinoids in the summer is not recommended because of photosensitization, that is, the threat of pigmentation of the skin.

Hormones, Used as antiandrogens drugs for female sex hormones, used in women and men. Only women use oral contraceptives (Dani-35, Janine, Yarina, Jess), which have a curative effect on acne. In addition to the contraceptive effect, they stabilize the lunar cycle, normalize the hormonal balance and repay the effect of androgens on the skin. Hormonal drugs are used only on the appointment of a doctor, as their effect on the whole body is huge, there are contraindications and side effects. Men are sometimes prescribed medications for female sex hormones (Synestrol, Pregnin) in severe forms of acne, always under the control of a doctor.

In addition to the listed main list, other therapeutic agents, such as syntomicinemia of the emulsion, can be used, due to its potent anti-inflammatory action. Sometimes camphor alcohol is used because of degreasing, narrowing effect pores. Sulfur and resorcinol in the form of nipples are still used.

However, it is unnecessary to use antiviral drugs, for example, acyclovir from acne. Acne is caused by representatives of normal bacterial flora of the skin: bacteria of several species, mushrooms and mites, and not viruses. Acyclovir will help in the case of rashes caused by a herpes virus that can be mistaken for acne. Also, a vain baby cream from acne. Its anti-inflammatory properties are too small to provide therapeutic action, and the cream base is undesirable, as it patches the pores, provoking new pimples.

Acne treatment

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