Acne treatment

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Acne almost always occurs in patients suffering from seborrhoea, which suggests that it is a complication of this disease. However, acne may occur with hormonal disorders, in patients with diabetes mellitus, with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, thyroid gland, with neuropsychiatric disorders.

At the heart of the disease is the damage to the sebaceous glands of the skin. Increased salivation leads to the formation of sebaceous glands of comedones. First, the comedones are closed, in the form of white knots (white golds of the miliums). Later, comedones are opened, the tops of the sebaceous glands are oxidized and blackened, blackheads are formed. Through open comedones, microorganisms that normally live on the skin and cause inflammation can enter the skin.

Acne formation is the next stage of acne. Further, with the relaxation of the barrier function of the skin acne elements are ignited and cause the appearance of manure. Purulent education penetrates deeply into the skin, forming pustular, indurative and phlegmonous acne forms. When these pustular-cystic purulent education merge into one, then they are called conglomerate acne. At their intersection are fistulas and scars. On the face there is another form of acne: pink acne, based on the nodal vascular formations.

Acne treatment

Treatment of acne is done depending on the form and severity of the disease. For a slight acne rash folk treatment is appropriate. To get rid of black dots on your face, 1-2 times a week you should rub your face with a mixture of lemon juice and glycerin, taken in equal parts.

Treatment of acne treatments include folk remedies with herbs, clay, lemon and vegetables. First, clean, then mask or compress with herbal broth, then rinse with lemon. Cleans oily acne prone skin slurry mixture of raw potato, half the whipped egg whites and honey. Instead of honey, you can take a teaspoon of pollen (or flour), add a pinch of salt. For herbs, take aloe, chamomile, calendula, alto, sage, burdock. Masks with cosmetic clay are recommended to do 1-2 times a week.

Treatment of acne on his back and carried out externally should be taken into metronidazole (course 10 days) or doxycycline (course made 10 days) as well as vitamins and sedatives. Outwardly good effect gives Zinerit (you can wipe the skin lovomitsetinovym or salicylic alcohol). Also used is the cream Skinoren and Bazyron. In moderate to severe acne, women are treated with oral contraceptives (Diani-35, Zhanin).

Treatment of acne in adolescents begin to normalize the function of the autonomic nervous system, assigning calcium, Bromkamforu, tranquilizers (fabomotizole), vitamins A, E, group B Krusmarina Reception and sea cucumber extract helps strengthen the immune system, increase the protective function of the skin. A diet with a restriction of fats, carbohydrates and salt is prescribed. Food should be rich in fiber, vitamins, lactic acid products.

It is necessary to eliminate the cells of chronic infections tonsillitis, sinusitis. Very useful regular exercise, enough sleep. Externally administered morning and evening degreasing and antibacterial alcohol solution of boric or salicylic acid. If necessary, ointments with antibiotics are used: tetracycline, erythromycin, lincomycin.

In the absence of ulcers, comedones are removed at a medical facility (mechanical or vacuum cleaning). From non-specific treatments, autohemotherapy, ultraviolet irradiation, and aloe injections are used. To eliminate scars after acne healing, they carry out cosmetic skin polishing in the beauty salon by methods: exfoliation, dermabrasion, cryomassage.

Acne treatment
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