Acne on the nose

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Acne on the nose can be in adolescents and adults. If the young creatures can not survive, but only to keep the skin clean, so that they breathe, then adults need to pay serious attention to the problem.

If an adult does not have an acne on the nose, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist who will help you understand the causes and prescribe proper treatment. Red, white, purulent acne is a manifestation of acne.

Red pimples on the nose occur around inflamed comedones. On the skin there are reddish-red painful nodes that have not been exposed for a long time. The healing is sluggish and ends with the formation of scars. These inflamed nodes can merge, forming conglomerate (accumulated) acne, which are more common in men. They may have several holes, through which the sweater is released. But conglomerate acne on the nose is formed rarely, most characteristic for them localization on the side surfaces of cheeks, neck, chest and back.

The white pimples on the nose, or the flint, are white dense knots under the skin, sometimes reaching the size of the hairpin head. They accompany inflammatory processes, although they themselves are not inflamed. The most reliable way to remove them is electrocoagulation.

Purulent pimples on the nose are staphylococcal complications of red pimples. At the same time on the top of the acne formed purulent blisters. The nasal zone has many nerve endings, it is highly sensitive, so acne is painful. It is important to begin treatment in the first stages of their education. In addition, it is believed that acne is localized to the tip of the nose in patients with heart and liver diseases.

Another cause of large acne on the nose is the rosacea of ​​the pink acne disease. In its occurrence involved mite-glandularis, which is a saprophytic (natural) parasite of the skin. With prolonged inflammation and venous congestion, the skin ruptures, thicken, there are hilly explosions, may develop rhinophilus (pineal nose). The activity of the mite increases with the background of gastrointestinal disorders and violation of neuro-endocrine regulation. Simply put, food (and other) poisonings, nervous breakdowns or stress should be avoided, care for the thyroid gland and hormonal status in general. These are the main causes of nasal acne, their list can be continued. If there are chronic heart and liver diseases, it is necessary to treat them.

Regardless of the form and stage of the disease, the patient is interested in how to cure pimples on their own. When inflamed or purulent acne requires comprehensive treatment. Inside, take trichopolol 2 tablets 2 times a day for half an hour before meals, the course is 10 days. Simultaneously apply external treatment with metrogyl gel twice a day, after careful careful cleansing of the skin. With low efficacy of treatment, switch to antibiotics: Unidox inside, and Dalacin externally, also strictly after cleansing and disinfecting the skin. At red, inflamed acne useful cooling lotions from the bark of oak, roots, and also zindol blemish. Part of the treatment should be taking vitamins, it is better to choose a complex, appropriate age, as well as sedative (new-passive, afobazol). Immediately quit smoking if you smoke. Remember: our skin is a health mirror.

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Acne on the nose
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