Acne on the lobby

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Acne on the forehead is more characteristic of young boys and indicates a large release of hormones androgens in the blood. They can be expressed in a mild degree, single nodes, of an average degree of 30 elements, of a severe degree more than 30 pieces and spread to other areas.

The main remedy for acne on your forehead is to find your rhythm in everyday life. Stereotypes are powerless here, it is unique to each one. Only work can equal, but the attitude towards it is different in all.

How to treat pimples on the forehead depends on the degree of their rash. If there are few, you can treat it only by external means. The best cure for acne is metrogil gel, it is not an antibiotic and at the same time effectively removes inflammation. It is important to clean the skin with soap before using the product twice a day. How to remove acne from the forehead, if these measures were ineffective? After washing, wipe your face with salicylic alcohol, and then, when it is dry, apply skinoren gel. Skinoren is also available in the form of a cream that is used in dry skin.

The reason is not the only reason why pimples appear on the forehead, however, adolescent pimples on the forehead affect up to 80% of young people. So it is not surprising, because their appearance is associated with hormonal processes in the body. Teenage acne is caused mainly by male and female male sex hormones, which are produced both in boys and girls in adolescence. But such problems can appear at any age and require a serious attitude.

One of the reasons for the appearance of acne on the forehead is hyperkeratosis, which is the thickening of the stratum corneum as a result of prolonged friction, compression (headgear), or the effects of oil products (lubricants). In this case, slags and toxic substances penetrate deeply into the skin, contributing to the formation of acne. In addition to lubricants and chlorine, hyperkeratosis of the skin and subsequent acne causes the tar. Work related to these substances should be carried out in overalls with means of skin protection from the contact. Another paradoxical cause of acne on the forehead is the heat and the sun. So, ultraviolet has a bactericidal action and tans steals pimples, but the excessive amount of ultraviolet radiation causes a reverse effect increases the number of acne! Moreover, drugs for the treatment of acne increase the sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet radiation. High humidity worsens the situation, causes aggravation.

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Acne on the lobby
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