Acne on face 30 years

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If pimples appear in adolescents from 15 to 24 years old, this does not cause anxiety as it reflects the natural processes of maturation. The main thing is to keep them under control so that the process proceeds easily and without complications. If acne on the face in 30 years is an occasion to think about your health.

It is necessary to undergo a medical examination, to get advice not only the dermatologist, but also the gynecologist, gastroenterologist, and possibly other specialists. We note the most likely causes of acne in adults.

The most widespread cause of acne disorders of the digestive system, the presence of constipation. In this case, the elimination of metabolic products is slowed down and the absorption of toxins in the blood increases, which then negatively affects the skin. Inappropriate nutrition leads to many failures, including increased secretion of the glands, and sebum, too. Allergic diseases can be accompanied by the appearance of acne. The presence of gynecological diseases is directly related to the appearance of acne, especially on the chin.

At the same time, acne at the temples and on the forehead in women may reflect hormonal imbalance or fluctuations associated with the lunar cycle. In addition, abrupt changes in the hormonal background can occur during pregnancy or after an abortion and cause acne. Sometimes, with the abolition of previously taken hormonal contraceptives, too, there are acne. In adult men, the appearance of acne in the temples and on the forehead may indicate a sharp fluctuation in the amount of testosterone in the blood. With regard to hormonal imbalance, requires qualified treatment, it is not possible to solve such a problem on its own.

Acne on the scalp as complications appear in patients with seborrhea. Seborrhea is a disease of the whole body, in which the secretion of sebaceous glands and the chemical composition of sebum due to the imbalance of estrogens and androgens has been altered. The deviation in the composition of sebum leads to the suppression of its bactericidal properties and the creation of favorable conditions for the reproduction in the glands of a variety of microflora. Microorganisms can cause acute inflammatory reaction of the skin and the formation of acne.

The positive point is that the treatment of acne and seborrhea in many respects coincides. In any case, the skin cleans the foam with a washing means or shampoo to wash the head. Then they wipe with lyovomitsetinovym alcohol or a solution of chlorhexidine. It is possible to apply salicylic alcohol, it reduces the production of sebum. Sometimes use propolis tincture from acne. Propolis has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, effective in wounds, burns and pyoderma (purulent skin diseases). Propolis tincture is widely used in dentistry and surgery. If pimples are caused by purulent microorganisms, then propolis tincture will be effective. After wiping the disinfectant solution, apply a metrogyl gel (twice a day, morning and evening). With oily seborrhea, put on the face put into a foam shampoo ketoconazole for 3 minutes, then washed off, washed with a napkin and only then lubricated the Metrogyl.

One of the causes of acne in adults may be the individual composition of the microflora, which under certain conditions causes the appearance of rashes. If the situation does not improve after taking the acne treatment, do not waste time, contact a dermatologist.

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Acne on face 30 years
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