Pimples on cheeks

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Acne on the cheeks appears in the same way as on the chin or on the forehead. They bring not so much physical suffering as moral, they spoil our appearance.

Especially when they turn into ulcers. The reasons for the appearance of acne on the cheeks are several, but more often than others, there are hormonal disorders, nerve disorders, chronic infectious diseases, malnutrition.

Treatment of acne on the cheeks begins immediately after their appearance, in order to prevent them from spreading. With light rash, you can handle this problem yourself. Start with skin care, clean and disinfect the skin in the morning and evening. On the clean skin is applied therapeutic agents. It is better to give up tonal remedy if you can not use luster powder, which has a drying action. Once or twice a week, it is recommended to make masks with cosmetic clay, they cleanse the skin well from fat and refresh. Remember that acne can not be touched by hands, and even more so squeeze out. When inflamed skin can not be peeled, as even a gentle scrub leaves on the skin microcracks, which contributes to the spread of acne.

Red pimples on the cheeks require immediate anti-inflammatory treatment. Quickly remove redness will help lotions from broth grass queens. After the lotion, apply a healing gel or a cream (metroglytes, bass, kuroosin). To get rid of acne on the cheeks under severe rashes Zinerit and Skinoren will help. If they cause dry skin, then remove this side effect by lotions from the root altea, for which two tablespoons of crushed root Althea insist for one hour in 300 ml of cold water. These lotions soften and tone the skin, reduce dryness and peeling.

White pimples on the cheeks usually accompany other rashes, which are essentially black eels on the surface. They can grow and bend. To cleanse the face from white acne, you can wipe it with fresh tomatoes or apply slices in the form of a mask. You can make a lotion for wiping: tomato juice mixed with glycerine in equal parts. Keep the lotion in the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks. For white pimples, nodules of demodicosis may be taken, therefore, it is necessary to clarify the diagnosis of the dermatologist.

Small pimples on the cheeks can be a response to the use of a tonic cream or other, which you have started to use recently. Immediately stop their application and let the skin calm down. The reasons for the appearance of acne on the cheeks may be other, for example, lack of vitamins A and E or the wrong style of food, or heat, finally. Acne on the face and cheeks, pimples on the forehead and cheeks is a frequent phenomenon in the abortion of hormonal contraceptives that are taken by young girls, as well as gynecological diseases. In such cases, it should not be delayed by visiting a gynecologist, but with severe acne rashes and a dermatologist. It is very important for women to preserve the beauty of the skin, so you need to trust a specialist.

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Pimples on cheeks
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