Acne near nose

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Acne near the nose can be a manifestation of not only acne, but also various dermatitis (allergic, contact, perioral or seborrheal).

It is difficult to understand their nature in nature, but there are symptoms suggesting a specific diagnosis. In adolescents, most commonly there are acne associated with the growth of the body. Acne, inflamed, passes into acne of varying degrees of severity.

Allergy in the form of acne is possible as a primary reaction and as any of the listed dermatitis. All types of dermatitis cause burning and itching. Contact dermatitis occurs immediately after contact with the stimulus, and when the stimulus is switched off, it goes by itself. Allergic and perioral dermatitis occurs when intolerance to cosmetics, hormonal ointments, toothpaste, etc, and is repeated at new contact with the stimulant. When perioral dermatitis, the area around the mouth is always affected, and often the chin, nasolabial folds, and the area around the eyes. Women usually suffer from illness, men are rarely ill. Seborrheic dermatitis on the face usually occurs in people who suffer from seborrhea of ​​the scalp. Seborrheic dermatitis is more common in men.

Sores after acne are almost always the main thing to do everything possible to make them smaller and have not left scarring. Remember that squeezing pimples can not be! In this case, the infection penetrates deep into the skin, causing a new inflammation and the formation of new acne. The most reliable is proper care and careful skin care. Sores themselves can not be torn off, as scars can be formed, and more often treated with disinfectant and lubricated with healing creams (argosulfan, solcoseril). If treatment of acne is not finished yet, then the sores should be lubricated by the same means as pimples.

Understanding the causes of the occurrence of acne near the nose, you need to proceed to their treatment. How to remove pimples? If this is a normal teenage acne, you need to apply a special remedy twice a day to a cleanly washed skin. For washing, use gels and foams for oily skin, and then wipe the face with salicylic alcohol. The remedy is better to choose in the form of a gel, very popular gels: kuroosin, basiron and skinoren.

If there is a suspicion of the allergic origin of acne, it is important to identify the stimulus (allergen) and eliminate contact with it. Localization of acne near the nose with an allergen can be cosmetics, drops in the nose or any aerosols. Sometimes such rashes can occur when taking hormonal contraceptives. With a slight degree of rashes, only external treatment is performed with Gistan Cream, Elok or Belosalic, and with moderate added intake of antihistamines (tavegil, clarinet).

When seborrheic dermatitis, the listed methods of treatment are ineffective, since the nature of the disease is completely different. The only easy and reliable way to treat ketoconazole. Meanwhile, with ketoconazole shampoo, which is treated with seborrhea, the scalp, smear the face, shaking the foam, and leave for 2-3 minutes. Then wash and grease the foci with ketoconazole cream. It is quite obvious that if you can not cope on their own immediately, you need to entrust the treatment of acne near the nose of a specialist. The specialist will also help you understand the causes of acne in you personally, in order to eliminate acne from your life forever.

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Acne near nose
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