Masks from acne

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Applying masks from acne, follow the basic rules:

1. Do not use mixtures, the ingredients of which is an allergic reaction. 2. In the process of making masks on the basis of clay and body do not use metal utensils. 3. Before the procedure thoroughly clean the skin. 4. Do not apply the mixture on the area around the eyes and lips. 5. During the procedure, take a horizontal position. 6. Take mask in the direction of the massage lines. 7. After applying the mask, apply tonic.

In masks from acne for face uses substances that have cleansing, drying, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, bactericidal, antifungal properties.

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Prescription masks from acne

According to reviews, masks from drug-based acne are the most effective.

Face mask against acne based on streptocide. Possesses strong anti-inflammatory action, well desiccates. Ingredients: streptocide - 4 tablets, tooth powder - 1 teaspoon, tincture of calendula - 1 teaspoon. Streptocide rupture and mix with tooth powder, then gradually introduce the tincture of calendula until the mixture does not get the consistency of thick sour cream. With a greasy skin, a mask can be applied to the entire face, while dry - to the localization of rashes. Mask to withstand drying (20-30 minutes), then remove with a dry sponge and rinse your face with water.

A powerful mask from acne and comedones. Provides antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, cleansing, regenerating effect, removes redness, regulates secretion of the sebaceous glands, clears the pores. The main ingredients are zinc ointment (zinc oxide) - 20 g, sulfuric ointment (33%) - 25 g, salicylic ointment (10%) - 25 g, birch tar tarts - 5-7 drops. To neutralize the bad smell of birch tar, you can add in 2 drops of essential oils of bergamot, juniper, rosemary. To increase the regenerating properties in the mask, you can enter 5 drops of an oil solution of vitamin A (retinol acetate).

All ingredients are thoroughly mixed, resulting in a cream-like mass, which should be applied at night to problem areas of the skin - T-zone, forehead, chin.

Frequency of mask use - every two days. This mask from acne, by reviews, when applied regularly, provides almost one hundred percent protection from all types of skin rashes. Please note that masks containing acne medications are not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation.

Masks from Acne Based on Egg Protein Are quite popular because they are well dried and shorten pores. For example, it helps with acne, acne and redness.

The mask has the following composition: protein of one egg, cosmetic tea tree oil (5 drops), starch. Stir the protein to a strong foam and add butter. Gradually inject starch until the mixture reaches the consistency of sour cream. Apply on face for 15 minutes, dry mask to rinse with warm water.

Frequency of application - every three days.

Course - 10 masks, then a three-month break.

Mask from acne from clay and herbs. The main ingredients are grass, celandine, calendula flowers, chamomile flowers, cosmetic clay. From herbs taken in equal quantities, cook broth, strain, cool to room temperature and mix with clay, bringing the weight to the consistency of dense sour cream. Exposure time - 20-30 minutes, until complete drying.

Masks from the effects of acne

Often the victory over acne is the beginning of the next stage of the struggle for beauty - the treatment of consequences in the form of scarring and stains. In this case, masks from acne are no longer effective, additional care is needed with the help of special means, including face masks.

Masks from the effects of acne have resorption, regenerative, exfoliating, bleaching, enhancing local blood circulation properties.

Mask based on honey and cinnamon. Nourishes, promotes regeneration of the skin, improves the complexion of the face, clears and narrows pores. Ingredients: Honey and Cinnamon powder in equal quantities.

After thorough mixing of the ingredients, a viscous mass comes in with a pleasant aroma. The mask is applied to the skin with a spatula for 20 minutes, used 2-3 times a week.

The mask can cause a slight burning or itching. Since the honey begins to melt when exposed to the skin, the mass may drain from the face, so you should protect the clothes with a napkin. The mask is undesirable to use with expanded vessels on the face.

Smudge mask with lemon juice Promotes whitening of the skin. Ingredients: egg white, teaspoon of lemon juice. Squirt a little bit with a fork and mix with juice. Apply to face, rinse after drying.

Instead of protein, you can use white clay, diluted with water. But in this case, the mixture is applied only to stains.

Effective to remove stains and scars Medical paraffin. It melts in a water bath and is applied directly on a scrap with the help of a cotton disk. After hardening, the paraffin is removed from the skin and stored until the next session. Be careful, paraffin should be warm, but not hot.

Before applying paraffin it is recommended to smear face cream. Since the heated paraffin expands the capillaries, it can not be applied to the area with a vascular net.

To treat the effects of acne, traditional masks are used Freshwater lipstick, Used as a powder or paste. The feminine is mixed with hot water to the cream-like state and warmed to the face. From above apply compression paper and hot towel. Time of action - 30 minutes.

Wash the mask with warm water, rubbing the face with talcum powder. The mixture should be applied with caution, bypassing areas near the mucous surfaces (nostrils, eyes). The mask can cause burning sensation or tingling, reddening of the skin, lasts up to two days.

Even more active mask from stains From fodgy and hydrogen peroxide. But to avoid burns, it should not be applied to the entire face of the face, but directly to the spots. The use of masks from fodgy is contraindicated in dry, thin skin, expanded capillaries, and excessive hair growth on the face.

Applied Clay masks And from pimples, and from their consequences. Clay calms, heals, removes inflammation. With fresh traces of acne can be quite effective mask of high-quality clay on the usual purified water. The addition of other active ingredients enhances the effect. For example, a mask from the effects of acne from clay and fudge used to treat outdated stains on the skin.

Composition of the mask: white clay - 4 teaspoons, fudge - 1 teaspoon, purified water - 2 tablespoons. The mixture is applied to the face for 15 minutes, then gently rinsed with warm water. On the dried skin, apply a moisturizer. The action of the mask is manifested by peeling within the next two days.

Masks from acne and their effects at regular use are quite effective skin care products at home.

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Masks from acne
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