Acne in the adult age

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Acne in the transitional age arise in young people aged 15 to 24 years. The degree of severity and the duration of the course is different, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism and the predisposition.

With severe degree of flow of acne can be dangerous and leave distorting scars. Localized usually on the face, neck, upper back and chest. Acne is inflamed with comedones, that is, seals that are stuck in the ducts of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. These plugs are gradually increasing, closing over the ducts more and making the output outside the sebum more difficult. As a result, inflammation develops around these congestions, pores expanding to push them out, red inflammatory tubercles form on the surface. These "gates" penetrate the germs from the surface of the skin, and begins to suppress acne. Microorganisms living normally on the skin (called saprophytes) contribute to the formation of acne when they begin to intensively multiply and isolate the products of their livelihoods. And the increased skin salinity is a nutrient for them.

Therefore, the maintenance of cleanness of the skin becomes an important task for adolescents. It is necessary in the morning and in the evening to cleanse the skin and disinfect, as well as treat as soon as possible acne. Hygiene, fresh air, nutrition and healthy sleep are decisive factors in the treatment of acne.

Teenage acne on the back is just as frequent, as on the face. Sometimes they appear earlier than on the face. According to modern specialists, this is due to the greater vulnerability of large hair follicles located on the upper back. When clots of keratin and sebum clog the hair follicle, acne (comedone) is formed. Further accumulation of sebum behind the barriers formed causes the gap of the blocked follicle, while dead skin cells, fat and bacteria penetrate into the skin, and acne forms acne.

How to get rid of acne adolescents? Currently, there are various remedies for problem skin care, they can be purchased at the pharmacy. If necessary, a dermatologist can also appoint special treatments.

If acne is shallow, small and their number is small, you can treat them yourself. You can use syntomicin ointment from acne or salicylic-zinc paste as the most affordable therapeutic agent that provides anti-inflammatory and dries. They are applied to the cleansed and disinfected back skin twice a day. Disinfection solutions use chlorhexidine, furatsilina or alcohol solutions of salicylic and boric acids. Alcohol solutions are recommended to be used during periods of abundant rashes, and when the process is dying, switch to water antiseptics. Also useful are wiping and compresses from decoctions of chamomile, sage, horsetail. At the time of treatment it is desirable to give up the synthetic and tightly fitting clothes, so as not to irritate the skin and not tuck the inflamed pimples.

Young man or girl is important to pay more attention to cleansing the skin to pass the period of puberty, while preserving its beauty.

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Acne in the adult age
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