Acne in the child

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Children are prone to pustular diseases, bronchitis, anemia, frequent colds, violations of the stool. Unfortunately, there are no other ways of forming appropriate immune responses to the effects of the world around us.

Acne in a child can occur for several reasons: allergy, thrush, dysbiosis. Of course, hormonal causes of acne in children, as it happens in adolescents, can not be. In turn, an allergy can manifest itself in the form of diathesis, urticaria, dermatitis (contact, allergic, atopic, and peroral). It is advisable to understand what they reflect, and to choose the treatment.

Acne in the language of the child may appear at the thrush. A milk thistle is a yeast candidiasis of the oral cavity, developed in young children. At thrush, pimples and redness of the mucous membrane spread not only in the language, but also in the sky, gums and scrub areas. The easiest and most effective treatment of lubrication with a solution of sodium tetraborate on glycerol, it is sold in any pharmacy (otherwise it is called "drill on glycerin"). For processing, it is necessary to wrap the index finger with a bandage, moisten it in a solution of storm on glycerol and treat the child's mucous membranes. It is better to do post-feeding treatment, so that there is time to influence, but be careful not to cause a baby's vomiting reflex.

Acne on the cheeks in a child may be a sign of perioral dermatitis, which most often occurs in the background of dysbiosis. Dysbiosis often accompanies a delicate baby, especially after treatment with antibiotics. Due to the disturbance of the microflora, the child's intestine can not work effectively, resulting in abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea or constipation. It is necessary to restore the balance, to carry out treatment with probiotics (chilak, linux, accipulum, bifidumbacterin, etc.) and enzymes. It is important to remember that in the intestine is formed up to 70% of immunity, therefore, it is necessary to adjust its work. In children, dysbiosis and acne are directly related, but sometimes they are caused by allergies, therefore, it is necessary to add to the treatment of Eris in syrup.

When perioral dermatitis there are acne near the nose, in the nasolabial folds and around the mouth, with virtually no redness of the skin around the pimples. In this case, enough treatment with external means. It is often necessary to wash the skin with a decoction of chamomile flowers, then, to dry, to apply metrogyl gel. It is necessary to pay attention to the baby cosmetics that is used when taking care of the baby, as it is the cosmetics that can cause allergic reactions and periodic dermatitis.

Sometimes pimples become large, but they can not be opened, it will cause them to spread and can become dangerous. It is better to patiently perform all medical procedures and wait for their healing. Sometimes bubbles burst themselves, from them there follows a serous fluid or pus and wounds formed. How to heal wounds from acne? The main thing to do is wash with disinfectant chlorhexidine or furatsilina more often. Then you can apply syntomicin emulsion, it dries and promotes healing. The syntomicin emulsion has a bitter taste to ensure that the baby does not touch and then not pulling the pen in her mouth. You can boil the mint with green.

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Acne in the child
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