Acne around the eyes

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Acne around the eyes may be an allergic reaction to cosmetics or the effects of aerosol stimuli (smoke, hair varnishes, air fresheners, etc.).

In this case, you must stop using any cosmetics and take antihistamines (suprastin, tavegil, tsetrin) for 5 7 days. Rarely, such a localization occurs in normal adolescent acne. In this case, the treatment is chosen according to the degree of their manifestation, and on their own can only be treated a slight degree. All treatments are applied to the cleansed skin. Rinse twice a day, morning and evening, using antiseptic soap, foam or gel for washing. If necessary (in the heat, for example) you can wash it once or twice. Cleansing the skin reduces germination and prevents the appearance of acne. It is important not only to dry the skin, for this use moisturizers, including home remedies. An excellent home remedy is milk whey, which not only moisturizes and softens the skin, but also pulls the pores.

It is impossible in the presence of acne to use scrubs, because they leave on the skin microtubes, which increases the irritation and inflammation. A deep cleansing of the skin is recommended for steam baths with camomile and lime, and then apply a mask with cosmetic clay. Cleansing face should be performed after softening of the skin over the steam bath and remove only those acne that can be eliminated easily (finger, wrapped with bandage and dampened with hydrogen peroxide). If the acne head opened after steaming, its bed is also treated with peroxide. Acne is not squeezed out, because it's an inflammatory knot, do not strive! Exposing acne and acne can not spread the infection and cause complications. The procedure of deep cleaning is carried out once a week.

How to hide pimples on the face

Every day after washing, levomitsetinovy ​​alcohol is used from acne, it perfectly removes inflammation and dries. The use of alcoholic solutions alternates with water antiseptics in 1-2 months. Water antiseptics: chlorhexidine and furatsillin. After wiping with a disinfectant, apply a healing gel (kuryozin, metrogil, bass, etc.). If you follow this order of procedures, acne is healing fast, and new appears less. Discard tonic cream powder, use only luscious powder or baby powder.

Life is not in place, sometimes events require a good look, despite the difficulty. If you have a task: how to hide pimples on the face then it is exactly what it should be solved at the moment. To make pale red acne spots pale, the cosmetics industry produces special masking crayons. You can use the same 3% levomitsetinovym alcohol or camphor alcohol, rubbing the skin 2-3 times, giving each time to dry. Then rub the areas of intact skin with a damp cloth or a cotton swab moistened with water to remove the feeling of leakage. Then apply on the spot a remedy for acne containing zinc (kuryozin, zinerit, etc.) and lightly powder the face. Remember that reducing the redness of the skin promotes a calm, balanced state, so you can be safe by taking sedative remedy (new-passive, persian, afobazol).

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Acne around the eyes
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