Acne, and especially if they appear on the face, bring discomfort and pain.

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There are five easiest products that will help you get rid of this annoyance for sure and for a long time. To do this, you have to re-examine your diet - eliminate irritants, which include all kinds of spices, spicy and fatty foods that badly affect the entire work of the gastrointestinal tract and are reflected on the face in the form of ugly - acne.

The first product, which is the initial guarantee of clean and healthy skin, is water. A sufficient amount of water consumed every day is a guarantee of youth and freshness of your skin. It is about 8 glasses of clean plain water. Our body consists mostly of water, and it is an integral product for the recovery of dead cells.

The second product is also well-known and often used in folk medicine and cosmetology is - olive oil. If you enter the rule and cook exclusively on olive oil, then you will see that this product is a real source of different and useful vitamins, micro-and macro elements. Oil is able to support your body in a difficult moment and help relieve the skin from acne. The main value of olive oil is essential fats.

The third product - the assistant in the fight for clean and healthy skin - green tea. Its therapeutic unique properties are manifested, thanks to the catechin, which is part of its composition and has anti-inflammatory properties. Your skin will be in tone and begin to shine with health. If you constantly make black tea and coffee instead of tea and tinting green tea.

Wheat with nuts is the fourth combination of products that contain selenium in large quantities - an important substance in the structure of cells. Selenium, as it turned out, not only helps in the restoration of dead cells, but also gives the skin a smoothness and silky, freshness and youth. If you use wheat and nuts every day, the results will not make you wait a long time - they are manifested by pure and radiant skin.

The fifth remedy for healthy skin - meat and fish, which contains vitally important protein that helps the skin to remain elastic. In this case, the protein fights well not only with acne, but also with extra kilograms.

In the case of acne control, an integrated approach is still important when cosmetic products are used, and a healthy lifestyle with a waiver of bad habits is introduced, and a proper nutrition that will balance all the necessary and useful elements.

Acne, and especially if they appear on the face, bring discomfort and pain.
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