Pimples after the lunar

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Teenage acne appears as a result of a hormonal surge, which symbolizes the onset of a transitional period of adult aging.

The main culprits for the formation of acne androgens, male sex hormones, they are produced in adolescents of both sexes. Taking part in many processes in the body, hormones increase the function of the sebaceous glands and change the composition of sebum, making it more viscous. The viscous, dense fat makes it easier to plug, stuck in the ducts. Thus comedones are formed, then they are ignited and become acne. They can occur on the face, neck, chest and upper back.

Most of the moral and physical suffering brought by the sick pimples on the face. They get caught up suddenly and sometimes can reach threatening proportions. In any case, they greatly spoil the appearance, and the young creature falls asleep and comes up with one thought: how to reduce pimples.

Treatment of adolescent acne on the face reduces to the decrease in skin's skin and the rapid elimination of inflammatory elements. Of course, provided the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and the thyroid gland. Promote quick treatment of appropriate cosmetics, thorough hygiene, nutrition, healthy sleep and fresh air. We will especially note the denial of smoking, because nicotine spoils the skin and provokes pimples. Positive action is given by sun rays, so it is better to give up powder, so that the skin gets more sun and air. A thick layer of cream powder, which is applied to suppresses acne, enhances skin irritation and looks unnatural. If you can not do without powder, then use a loose powder that has a drying action.

To clean the skin prone to rash it is recommended to use only non-fat cosmetic products that do not clog pores. Departments of cosmetics offer a variety of care products for problem skin, for every taste and purse. In extreme cases, it is possible to wash with warm water with disinfectant soap (containing triclosan), also twice a day. After washing the face wipes with disinfectant, it can be bought at the pharmacy. Then applying metrogyl gel or kurozine gel are therapeutic agents from acne, which promote their rapid healing without scars. Curiosine is more suitable for young skin. Cheaper treatment of salicylic-zinc paste, but it is visible on the skin and less effective. One or two times a week it is recommended to make masks with cosmetic clay, it deeply cleanses the skin, softens and soothes it.

Often, pimples appear before the moon, this is confirmed by the majority of girls and some of the adult women. This is due to an increase in the level of steroid hormones in the last phase of the lunar cycle. With age, monthly oscillations of the hormonal background become rhythmic, debilitating and cease to cause acne. Acne after a moon is most likely a long process of maturation. In this case, it is necessary to add to the treatment the use of means that strengthen the immunity (tinrostim, humic) and vitamins in the complex, corresponding to age. Rash acne on the chin often indicates a gynecological problem that requires serious treatment.

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Pimples after the lunar
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