According to scientists, rice helps to cope with insomnia

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Highly skilled specialists from one of the world's leading institutes have recently been conducting a study in which it became known that rice in the most favorable way affects a healthy and healthy sleep during normal hours of eight hours, when the windows are already silence and calm.

Assistance in establishing this fact to doctors has been an experimental study, which involved more than two thousand volunteer participants of the respondents. Among them, as it became known later, were found and those who before dreams used a small amount of rice for a long time, then in a wonderful physiological state.

According to scientists, it is rice that can help people who are suffering from insomnia, which does not usually produce good results. Sleep disturbance, as you know, leads to a number of diseases, ranging from a simple increase in the amount of protein in the blood and ending with the appearance of symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

New research data showed that the rice with all its properties is not fully understood and scientists will deal with the solution of the question in the near future.

According to scientists, rice helps to cope with insomnia
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