Accelerate hair growth at home - expert advice

Health And Medical Video: Simple Way To Increase Facial Hair Growth Experts Advice (April 2019).


"Damage or loss of hair associated with the effects of aggressive chemical treatment or the abuse of rectifiers and flatulites is one problem that the hairdresser, stylist and, in fact, the woman himself, is responsible for." But anxiety, such as anemia Or thyroid problems can also be the cause of hair loss, and requires the intervention of a doctor, "says Francesca Fusco, MD in clinical dermatology from the Sinai School of Medicine.

Other common causes of problems with hair condition include stress and hormonal changes (related to pregnancy and childbirth). So if you notice a sudden or incomprehensible loss of hair, consult a doctor. Is everything ok with health? Then try these simple tricks!

Change the care products. "As your skin on the face or other parts of the body, the scalp has also its own microflora, excess bacteria combined with skin fat can be a burden to the normal healthy growth of hair from follicles," explains Elizabeth Phillips, trichologist from Clinic Philippe Kingsley in New York. Look for antibacterial components in the shampoo formula, but do not use such a remedy for a long time.

Once a week, it's time to change your usual shampoo to a mint or menthol that is believed to help stimulate blood circulation.

If you have dry hair, try a shampoo that contains mint oil. Do a few times a week massage your head - stimulating microcirculation in the scalp, making you grow hair.

Accelerate hair growth at home - expert advice
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