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What fellow travelers can bring a child from a children's camp.

Many parents in the summer are eager to send a child to a children's health camp. Unfortunately, often the child returns not one but with lice.

Way of getting infected

In Moscow, lameness is more common than in the whole country, with the peak of incidence occurring at the beginning of autumn when children return from summer camps.

Human lice are parasites that live only on human beings. Accordingly, the infection occurs from person to person in a contact way. The main lice, which are mostly infected by children, are insects of gray-white color in the size of 2-4 mm. Most often lice spread in large children's groups - gardens, schools, summer camps. Children often change combs, panamas, pillows, sleep in bed each other - all this contributes to the spread of the parasite. You can get infected even through headphones from the player! In addition, pediculosis can be picked up in hairdressers, hotels, trains, hospitals, baths or swimming pools.

Wax and nits

The disease can appear even a few weeks after infection, which means that the child does not necessarily fall ill immediately after returning from the camp, although he has contracted it there. Suspect lullabies is simple: you will notice that the child is constantly scratching his head. Combing his hair over a light cloth, you will see that fallen from the head of the parasites. On the head you can notice the traces of bites (such as lice - bloodthirsty insects), combed wounds, and on the hair itself - lice and their whitish eggs (nits). Niches hold on to the hair very firmly, and it is impossible to wash them with water.

Treatment of pediculosis

First of all, you need to change all the clothes, bed linen and bedding, and carefully boil everything. Washing is also accompanied by soft toys, hats, panamas, hoods. Everything that can not be washed is treated with insecticidal drugs. The house is undergoing general cleaning.

The infected person needs to be treated to carry out all his own safety measures: wearing gloves, hiding his hair under a hat. The perfect way to treat what is best for young boys is to have a full shave of the head. At the same time, hair cuts are burned. If this is not possible, treat your hair with anti-pediatric remedies in accordance with the instructions. After finishing, you need to comb the hair with a thick comb over a light cloth, wearing dead lice and niches. When pediculosis is detected, it is necessary to inspect and treat persons who have contacted the patient (in the family, school, kindergarten).

About pediculosis must be reported to the children's institution, which the child attends. All contact persons are examined, and in the group additional insecticide treatment is carried out.


Personal prevention involves regular change of clothes and clothes, frequent washing of the head and body. However, it is noted that lice even with great pleasure parasitize on pure hair. Therefore, the prevention of pediculosis should be public, that is, include timely detection of infected and their treatment. For this purpose, kindergartens and schools conduct regular children's reviews. Also, children need to explain that you can not use someone else's combs, change hairpins, headphones. For parents who send children to summer camps, the advice is: check the hair and the skin of the head of the baby once every few days in order to identify the disease early in the event of infection.

Hanging is eternal

Pediculosis is a rather typical situation for the children's team even in the XXI century, and it is not necessary to be afraid or to be ashamed of. But you need to explain to the child what hygiene rules should be followed in order to avoid this illness in the future.

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