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Periodontal is a complex complex of tissues, surrounding teeth and keeps them from falling out. Gums - visible part of it, so the change in their color can signal the diseases that struck the periodontal from the inside.

Gums in most people are pink-coral. This is a measure of periodontal health, although shades may vary. The color of the gums depends on the stability of the filling of blood vessels of small vessels and capillaries on the mucous membrane.

  1. White Gum: Anemia. In anemic people, the gums can even be white. This is due to a decrease in blood levels of hemoglobin and the number of red blood cells. The food that is rich in iron helps the liver, meat, and apples to cope with the problem. You should also consult a doctor-haematologist so that he prescribes treatment.
  2. Red gum color: gingivitis or pericoronaritis. Gingivitis - gum inflammation, the most common periodontal disease. Changing the color from pink to bright red is one of the first signs of this unpleasant illness. This is how the inflammatory process manifests itself. When perikoronarite is inflamed and reddish place of eruption of a new tooth.
  3. Gray gum color: acute ulcerative-necrotic gingivitis. In this case, a disease that suddenly affects the oral cavity as a result of transmitted infections or stress, the color of the gum becomes gray due to the covering of their shells. This severe disease is accompanied by temperature, pain and unpleasant odor from the mouth.
  4. Pink-colored gum: periodontal disease and periodontitis. Periodontitis is a systemic defeat of the perineum tissue. The cause of periodontal disease are microbes. The color is clear with periodontitis, pale pink, the process passes without inflammation. In periodontitis there is also an inflammatory process, early mobility of teeth, the formation of pathological pockets and accumulation of manure in them. When periodontitis, the color of the gum varies into dark red.

As the color of the gums is affected by dentures

Sometimes, after a period of prosthetics, blue appears on the gums. This is a signal of disturbance in the blood circulation system.

Especially often this reaction is caused by metal prostheses, as metal enters different reactions with gum tissues and saliva.

Black spots on gums: time to quit smoking

In persistent smokers, black spots appear on the gums. This is due to the frequent contact of tobacco smoke with the oral cavity. In response, gum cells produce a pigment melanin, which is usually synthesized with tanning.

Black spots - this is a kind of "tan" gum. But, as you know, very intense sunburn is harmful to the body, especially for tender mucous tissue of the oral cavity. Thus, black spots on the gums can lead to malignant formations.

About what can tell a color ash
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