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Each of us strives for perfect beauty, therefore, an image that, in our opinion, is devoid of any drawbacks.

This rule applies not only to women but also to men. Anyone wants to get rid of annoying imperfections in appearance, so that the body is slim, and the skin is clean and smooth.

If there is enough money, given the high rates of development of cosmetology, to get rid of the disadvantages can all willing.

Grinding scars, skin irregularities, removal of papillomas and warts has long been a routine procedure, even in small clinics of aesthetic medicine.

Why do warts appear?

The cause of warts is not fully understood and it is conventionally considered that their appearance provokes a general weakening of the body, stress, a sharp decline in immunity, too frequent stay in the sun, lack of adequate nutrition, etc.

Since all types of warts have a viral origin, if one or more of these conditions appears, the virus of the popu-virus group can "wake up" and an unpleasant increase over the skin. However, there are cases where there were no causative factors and risk factors, with the emergence of neoplasms.

Problems with the skin can occur on almost any part of the body and face, on the mucous membranes and on the part of the head with hair. Very often, neoplasms of viral etiology are satellites of other, sometimes more serious, diseases.

For these reasons, you should never ignore the appearance of warts. Considering them as something safe, one can skip the moment of the emergence of a serious illness, the indirect symptom of which were these formations on the skin. At their first appearance, even if suspected, you should immediately contact a dermatologist for advice and research. Insist on a complete diagnosis of the body!

Varieties of warts

There are several types of warts.

Teenage wounds often affect the face and palms of children of different ages, they are flat and almost always disappear by themselves, without causing harm to health.

The same as the juvenile, ordinary warts rarely have a size greater than 1 cm. These are small skin nodules that may appear in the most inappropriate places, including under the nail plate.

Skin lesions on the mucous membrane are called condylomas, most often they appear in the genital organs of both men and women. The number of condylomas, in the absence of treatment, can increase rapidly enough. These warts tend to "merge", forming a rather large (up to 2-3 cm) growth on the mucous membranes.

Also isolated are plantar warts, which have an external resemblance to the corns, localized on the feet. With age and change in the hormonal background (for example, during and after pregnancy), papillomas may appear - small whitish warts in the form of papillae, which can be located on the neck, body, under the armpits.

Danger of neoplasms on the skin

Usually, we find with alarm that the number of defects is added to the face or body of the skin. However, virtually all warts are completely harmless. Another thing is that only a specialist can say for sure, a wart is a birthmark. The latter is characterized by the ability to "reincarnate" from benign to malignant, and completely imperceptible to humans. Birthmarks are brown, red or black, whereas the wart usually has a bodily or grayish-yellowish tinge. The most dangerous type of moles is melanoma, and it is, in essence, a tumor of cancer that can lead to the development of skin cancer and provoke cancer of other vital organs.

Warts very rarely become malignant, its rejection is almost always associated with aesthetic motivation, as well as with physical inconvenience, when obstacles to walking (sore), sexual intercourse (condyloma), wearing of linen (papillomas), etc. In such cases, physicians recommend removing skin lesions.

Removal of warts

For a long time, medicine knew only the surgical removal of warts, the so-called excision, which was carried out with anesthesia. Currently, there are several methods for cleaning skin tissue from unwanted formations.

The most popular method in cosmetology clinics is the destructive laser effect. This is the most up-to-date method, which is most in demand, similar to the action of cooking with highly concentrated chemical fluid. The body of the warts is crumbled to the ground, after which a small wound remains in place, which subsequently dries and falls off with a crust. For some time in the place of baking the skin is somewhat whiter than on other parts of the body. In particular, the use of a laser for warts is shown - literally a few days after the procedure, the mucus is completely restored due to its high ability to rapidly regenerate.

Conservative surgical removal is indicated in complex cases, when the wart is too large, more than 1.5-2 cm. Usually such formations have deep roots, which it is inappropriate to remove by tanning or laser, as it is possible to damage healthy tissues that are located directly under the upper layers of the epidermis. However, doctors try to resort to scalpel in extreme cases, because of the high risk of regression: about thirty percent of cases of carving the wart again begins to grow, requiring repeated, and sometimes further operations.

Sometimes skin lesions can be eliminated by cryotherapy, when their cells die under the influence of low temperatures, to -210 degrees. This effect is achieved through the use of ether.

In any case, all of the above methods require special training and permission to conduct such operations. If the treatment is incorrect, the place where the wart is located may ill, bleed, the possibility of infection and the subsequent spread of the virus to other parts of the body can not be ruled out. In rare cases, with an incorrect approach to eliminating warts, they can provoke the appearance of malignant tumors and cause the onset of cancer.

About warts
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