About treatment of dermatitis in hands

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Once again we return to the question of dermatitis because of the peculiarities of their localization in their hands. The point here is not only that it's unpleasant to show the affected skin of the hands, but for others - to contemplate it. Treatment of dermatitis in the hands is always complicated by the fact that a person is often required to wash his hands with detergents, to contact with various substances and objects, since the hands are the main active tool. Immediately we will declare that with dermatitis, accompanied by dryness, the washing of hands is limited, it is recommended to clean them with oil.

Dermatitis is different: allergic, contact, chronic. Each type of dermatitis has different forms and degrees of severity. Let's consider briefly the most typical and widespread. Allergic dermatitis develops as an appropriate reaction to external stimuli possessing allergenic properties.

Such allergens may include medicines, household chemicals, cosmetics and perfumes. Provide for the development of allergies such factors as fatigue, low resistance to stress, malnutrition. Allergic dermatitis in the hands turns redness and swelling of the skin, a sense of burning, pain and itching, as well as the appearance of watery bubbles (to large blisters).

Treatment of dermatitis in hands

Blisters on the hands may burst, leaving behind them peeling ulcers, crusty and pigmented areas. At the same time, the hands are constantly hurt. Allergic dermatitis without treatment passes into eczema. Medicinal dermatitis (toxidermia) manifests itself in the form of reddish spots with edema, itching, peeling, or later bubbles. Medicinal dermatitis more often than others give serious complications on the liver, kidneys, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Simple contact dermatitis arises from direct influence on the skin of the mechanical (friction, compression), physical (ultraviolet radiation, burns, frostbite), chemical (acids, alkalis, salts of metals) or biological (pollen of plants, plants themselves) allergen.

Especially note neurodermatitis - allergic dermatitis of central origin, that is, as a result of functional disorders of the nervous system or hormonal status. In diffuse form of neurodermatitis there is a clear localization of foci, including - on elbow bends. Usually the disease begins with scratch: itchy hands and other places so that it is impossible to sleep, keep calm.

Treatment of dermatitis in the hands depends on its shape and degree of severity, with the mild course of simple contact dermatitis treatment is not required. However, in all cases, it is necessary to remove the allergen from its environment. Treatment of allergic and medical dermatitis in severe form should be performed only under the direction of a physician.

In mild cases, prescribed antihistamines (tavegil, tsetrin, suprastin, clarinet), vitamins and dietary foods. If necessary, prescribe sedation. For rapid withdrawal from the body of allergens, it is recommended that the course drug enterosgel be prescribed. External treatment includes ointments, baths, compresses and lotions. To facilitate the condition, use baths or lotions from herbs (herds, camomile, hops, St. John's wort, dandelion).

After a wet procedure, it is necessary to wet hands with a stroke with a soft cloth and apply a therapeutic agent. With non-hormonal agents, use Phenistyl Ointment, Propolis Ointment, Radevit Ointment, Skin Cap cream and aerosol. All these drugs reduce the itching, have anti-inflammatory and softening effect, accelerate the recovery process. Phenytoin ointment is a modern remedy for gentle texture, instantly facilitates the condition and accelerates healing.

Ointment Propolis (bee glue) promotes the growth of granulations, accelerates the process of epithelization of wound surfaces, it is applied 1-2 times a day. Radevet Ointment contains vitamins A, E, D3, not only reduces itching, it softens and moisturizes the skin, enhances its protective function. When using Radveit, you can forget about dry hands. Before applying the ointment to open ulcers and wounds, treatment with disinfectants (chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide) is required. With strong peeling, apply an ointment bandage.

Skin-cap cream or aerosol (its analogue Frederm zinc) - a zinc preparation designed to treat psoriasis. But practice shows that because of the powerful anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and hydrating action the drug has proven itself well in dermatitis. However, with prolonged and excessive use of the drug in the form of an aerosol there is a stable dryness and irritation of the skin (you need to switch to the cream). Another constraining factor for the use of Skin-Kapa is its high cost. Skin-cap is not recommended for use in conjunction with hormonal ointments or creams.

Of hormonal ointments Flucinar (sinaflane), Floterokort, Lorinden (A, C), as well as more modern and effective Advantan, Celestoderm, Triderm, Belosalic, Lokoid are widely used. In dermatitis complicated by bacterial, viral or fungal infection, the use of hormonal ointments is contraindicated. Their use should be course-oriented and necessarily agreed with the physician, due to contraindications and limited combination with other medicines.

About treatment of dermatitis in hands
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