About necessity of orthodontic treatment

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Most people have inappropriate bite by nature, about half of them need orthodontic treatment, especially for aesthetic reasons. Provides orthodontist braces or plates, the installation of which will help make a smile harmonious and beautiful.

In stomatology, the formation of bite is a warning of the appearance of a number of diseases, from inflammation of the respiratory tract and ending with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. An orthodontist and bracelet are able to relieve any person of such problems.

For some reason, it is advisable to contact the orthodontist as soon as possible to install bracket systems

Previously, it was believed that such treatment should be carried out during the formation of the dento-jaw system, exclusively in children. At the moment there are new designs of designs and braces that can be installed by an orthodontist and an adult person. Perechislim problems associated with the wrong bite and lead to loss of teeth.

  1. Click when you are eating.
  2. Diseases of the temporomandibular joint.
  3. Periodontal disease.
  4. Increased risk of caries.

To consult on the subject of prevention of the occurrence of tooth-abdominal anomalies, parents of children should be in the first months of life of the child. An orthodontist may well advise to put braces in 3-5 years, but the doctor should know about pregnancy-related illnesses, the presence of toxicosis and genetic diseases.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment with braces

When the baby is 6 months old and he has the first milk teeth, the doctor evaluates the development of his dental-jaw system. To do this, it is enough to tell how the period of teething, in which position the child sleeps, how to deal with solid food. Probably the orthodontist bracelet will be considered a necessity.

When teething teeth, the upper and lower jaws are actively growing, during this period, bad habits can be affected negatively: sucking of the finger, mouth breathing, pussy abuse, biting cheeks and lips, and constant use of soft food. The formation of a temporary bite lasts up to three years, after which genetic anomalies may begin to appear, for example, mismatch of the size of the jaw bones.

An orthodontist can give not only recommendations, but also pick up braces or vestibular plates, which are divided into several types depending on the material from which they are made. For the very young fit soft elastic constructions, for older children better rigid plates.

An orthodontist bracelet may well replace any such design. However, in any case, orthodontic treatment is a long but necessary process that allows you to ultimately be proud of the result.

About necessity of orthodontic treatment
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