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Infected ear infections can cause obesity in the future.

At the 116th session of the American Psychological Association in Boston, doctors presented a report on the causes of obesity in adults, and one of these causes was the ear infections in childhood.

Linda Bartoshuk, a research author at the Florida Dental College, studied how the taste perception of an obese person was disturbed and found that people with this diagnosis eventually began to prefer sweet and nauseous foods with high fat content, which are the main cause of the set. balance.

Such behavior provokes a disturbed nerve bond in the ear canals. "Eyes infections affect the perception of taste, because through them, the taste signals, passing the middle ear, are directed from the flavor's nerve directly to the brain," says Dr. Bartosuchuk.

Also in the group at risk are those who have had tonsils removed during childhood.

Infections lead to obesity…

Bartoshuk says that for the first time he was thinking about the causal relationship between ear infections and overweight six years ago, after conducting research on the disturbance of taste perception. Finding a pattern between violations of taste and obesity, Bartoswuck attracted 6,600 Adults to his new study and found that people who had infections in their ears were 62% more susceptible to obesity.

Receiving the first results, she began to look for data on similar studies that were conducted earlier. One of them studied the relationship between nervousness and disturbances of taste perception in middle-aged women. It turned out that women with disorders of the nervous system prefer sweet foods and are prone to obesity more than their peers with a healthy psyche.

In another study, we talked about adolescents who had infectious diseases of the ear in childhood. Unlike their healthy peers, they preferred candy fruits and also tended to be full.

An epidemiologist, Kathleen Daley of the University of Minnesota, reported similar results from the study of the relationship between chronic infectious diseases of the ear and an increase in the body mass index in children under the age of 2 years.

Finally, the review of the 1960s health survey data found that 30% of people who had tonsils removed during childhood were adolescents prone to obesity.

… or not?

Bartholomew's research has largely led to a review of existing hypotheses about the causes of obesity. Everyone agrees that the relationship discovered by the doctor may exist, but insist on further research to finally confirm this theory.

Thus, the otolaryngologist John V. House of the Institute of the Ears in Los Angeles questioned the results obtained by Bartoszuk. "We see thousands of children and adults with chronic ear diseases every day, not all of them are full." If the announced relationship existed, We would have noticed it, "- he says.

About the hearts and weights
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