Abc for weight loss: simple and effective rules

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Everybody who wants to lose weight wants to become slim until the day after they drank a glass of kefir at night. In fact, the miracle will not be and wait for it senseless, you need to work on your body, following some rules, and only then you can hope for a good result. There is one very important rule - spend more calories than eating. This rule is a guarantee of fast and effective weight loss, but there are a number of other rules that will help you to lose weight and become a happy person:

1. Morning should begin with a glass of cold water and 5-10 minutes of simple exercises. Execution of these rules is already part of the success, because water and exercise will "start" the work of the intestines and accelerate the metabolism, which means that fat deposits, slags and other debris will not accumulate in the digestive system.

2. Always have breakfast and do not look for refusals, why today or yesterday you missed breakfast. Wake up earlier and cook yourself a delicious, useful breakfast that will give you freshness, energy and cheerfulness for the whole day. Plus, for breakfast, you can afford to eat a little more calories than at lunch, and it will not affect the figure. But overeat is not worth it, because after an hour you will again want to eat and you will feel lethargic.

3. Drink plenty of clean water and give up coffee or tea if you drink them with sugar. Your body needs water, without it, it can not fight excess weight, and so water stimulates metabolic processes in the body and excess weight begins to slowly go.

4. Charge or go for a jog, go to the gym, go for fitness, and so on. It is very important during weight loss to load your muscles with work, only so you will eventually get a tightened and slender body. If you do not go in for sports, your skin will become obsolete, and in the first place you will lose no fat, but the fluid and muscle mass of the body.

5. At lunch it is desirable to eat protein foods. The fact is that our body spends calories constantly: and at a time when we eat, and even after eating. As we know, proteins digest very long, which means that our body will work longer and lose calories. It is even better immediately after eating to get into fresh air and take a walk, literally 5-10 minutes and you will make your body a good deed.

6. Rest and sleep are needed not only for children, but also for adults, and especially for the poor. The fact is that lack of sleep and chronic fatigue lead to nerve disorders, which can result in overeating or uncontrolled use of harmful food. Therefore, if you are going to lose weight, then advance in advance that you will sleep at least 7:00 and rest every day after work, and on weekends - within 4-5 hours, this will be enough to make you feel tired.

Abc for weight loss: simple and effective rules
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